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Since then, tens of thousands of students have been taught Astrological Psychology, which is now well documented in a series of English-language books. For over 35 years, the school has taught and trained students living in many countries around the world. Accredited courses and publications have given English speaking students the opportunity to study and use astrological psychology. Students learn the theory of the psychological motivations found in a birth chart in a way that encourages them to develop their own self-awareness.

Many students have found that this enriches their lives and offers a fresh perspective on their interpersonal relationships.

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Recently the school ceased enrolling new students for accredited courses, and instead has published the courses for self-study, with tutoring offered alongside. In the publisher HopeWell was established to ensure that knowledge of astrological psychology became or remained available in the English language.

Learn the fundamentals about birth charts and sun signs

This website is a significant resource in helping people across the English-speaking world to get to know about, understand and develop astrological psychology, now it including information on all English-language books on astrological psychology, published by HopeWell. See the latest news on our Twitter feed to the right, and the latest blog contributions from our members below. The signs of the zodiac all have certain characteristics associated with them.

Some people love to read their horoscopes and use them to predict how their day or their week will be.


Other people think the whole thing is just silly. How could everyone born in a particular month be alike? Find out whether Lily and Greta are believers in this English lesson. Log in to Listen.

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Sign like in astrology. There are 12 signs on the zodiac , and each one corresponds roughly with about a month or two of the regular calendar. And according to the zodiac, depending on what sign you are, it corresponds with what kind of personality you have, the path that your life will take, what kind of professions you like, and that sort of thing.

I will say, I do like reading my horoscope in the paper. So I suppose I do buy into the astrology thing a little bit. But I rarely take the advice they offer.

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History of astrology

Greta is not a big believer in astrology. Lily seems to know a bit more about it. She understands that the zodiac assigns certain characteristics to people born at certain times in the calendar year. Greta just has trouble believing that everyone born in a particular month could be alike. Do you believe in astrology? Do you read your horoscope, or any similar predictions? Very good article to learn vocabulary and also grammer.

I am Capricorn. In addition to this, there are also houses that come in twelve divisions, but of the angular space of the ascendant, descendant, midheaven, and nadir. These are mainly used to calculate the natal chart. The natal chart is basically the specific calculation of the position of the stars at the local level. According to astrology, these calculations are reflected in the position of the stars as well as the houses and the zodiac signs that have an influence on people and everyday life situations.

Now that you have some general knowledge about astrology, here is the essential English vocabulary to allow you to understand your horoscope and your natal chart without problems.

We have also included some examples in context. Conjunction Sun-Neptune.

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This conjunction makes you dreamy and sensitive. The connection of the Sun and Neptune will help you to handle the difficulties that you will find in your life due to the characteristics of your natal chart. You are compassionate and there is a very strong spiritual dimension to your personality.

The mutable signs of the zodiac are flexible and cope well with changes. There are four mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Because the sun is in the 12 th house, you will need to work harder to achieve things.