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La compatibilidad de signos nos ayuda a entender con qué personas Descubrir cómo es la relación entre dos signos del Zodiaco puede ser.
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Whether the child is a sensitive Pisces , an intuitive Scorpio, or a calm Cancer, water signs are natural nurturers. While water parents can be supportive, their guidance will rarely spill over into the realm of pushiness.

Love Horoscope: Gemini

These signs have the easiest job parenting other fire signs and children under the air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air sign children can be chatty big thinkers, and their fire sign parents will have a good time engaging them in conversation about their many, many interests.

Fire sign parents will have no shortage of activities and field trips planned for their little airy babies.

About The 12 Zodiac Signs

By Horoscope. Gemini moons are versatile and somewhat reckless, which means you tend to be a flirt.

geminis y sagitario compactibilidad

You also like to change partners quite often, so marriage and long-term relationships may not be part of your love plan. See your full Gemini love horoscope for Other Cancers understand you, and therefore make excellent partners, as do sensitive Pisces and deeply passionate Scorpios. See your full Cancer love horoscope for You rarely pass up an opportunity to potentially meet your soul mate. An aggressive Aries, enthusiastic Sagittarius, or another limelight-loving Leo keeps your fire burning.

Gemini and Aries Compatibility

See your full Leo love horoscope for Did you find true love? Virgo moons are less emotional than other signs. You have a heart, but you tend to look at things from an analytical perspective rather than following your feelings. Your ideal other half is most likely an efficient Taurus, conservative Capricorn, or another Virgo.

See your full Virgo love horoscope for Your love life can be unpredictable due to your indecisiveness, but if you partner up with another fair-minded Libra, quick-witted Gemini, or unconventional Aquarius, you have a good chance of finding true love.

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See your full Libra love horoscope for A powerful fellow Scorpio, quiet and sensitive Cancer, or creative Pisces is your ideal match. See your full Scorpio love horoscope for Leo definitely gets you best, as do risk-taking Aries and fellow enthusiast Sagittarius.