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The ptolemaic, doryphory (spearbearer) refers to the same astrological configuration. Ductoria refers to a planet rising before the Sun (oriental). It can also refer to a planet rising after the Moon (occidental).
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These details confirm tree letter connections to stellar symbolism. Under the assumption that the Celtic alphabet derived from the Greek and Roman ones, Graves went through great pains explaining the tree order through Classical myths. But where he really went wrong was when he took poetical licence for the literary truth. Ironically, his muse, the White Goddess, took him down the wrong path.

One wonders which Celtic white goddess he was referring to, was it Uinda Branna, the white raven of dead heroes, or was Uinda Soibra, the white spectre, the white lady, a ghost of the past? Credited scholars such as R. Macalister, not least, argue that the ogham ascriptions given by O'Flaherty were 'artificialities' having little to do with the original bearings Nigel Pennick If these were late musings inspired from the Bardic tradition, then these had to be re-adaptations of the old medieval ascriptions.

Since the Bardic schools were essentially Christian, it is very unlikely that the druidic ascriptions were carried on that long into the Christian era. However, I wished to use this system to recall trees in our mind: more than ever they need our care and love".

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His tree signs sequence was in fact built on a weekly pattern. The week is now in world-wide use. Disregarding the fact that the ancient Celts ignored it, an additional complication is brought about by the much too cumbersome seven-based pattern. This is because seven is neither compatible with the solar cycle and neither with the lunar cycle. As mentioned, Hageneder's proposal is second hand information firstly owing to an oghamic sequencing recognised as being freely inspired from Roderick O'Flaherty's Ogygia, again, which he himself said to have borrowed from Duald Mc Firbis.

Monard 3. Although very intuitive and oftentimes brilliant, this work eludes any explanation on how the author came to this unique system. All we are told is that Carnac devised the order from an "oral tradition" that goes as far back as the Megalithic Age!? And, not unlike Robert Graves, not only is the name of his informant not given, but no proper bibliography is given either!?

But then again, if the informant is another celtomaniac, then we can understand the author's discretion on his identity. This being said, in it is found an original special tree order along with its related constellations. His tree ranking is not only different from the oghamic order but also from the Cat Goddeu Battle of Trees order as well. His astral system could in no way qualify as a solar zodiac because: 1, it does not cover the usual sidereal constellations visited by the Sun during the year; and, 2, it does not reflect the Moon's monthly sidereal passage either since it is divided as a 36 part almanac, that is, what one may regard as such with each part as an approximate third of the zodiacal twelfth of the tropic year.

Historical Context

But then again, the assigned dates are irrelevant from the bases of the given calendar timing for them to match the astronomic zodiacal turnover. He too offers a tree order in 36 parts plus 4 for the equinoxes and solstices that defies all comparison. The Gaulish language even had a word for this notion which as Decamnoctiacon, standing for "ten nights sequence". Among the tree-signs proposed by Bliss, the Nettle-tree, Fig-tree, and Olive-tree can be noticed. But the problem here is that these trees only grew in southern Gaul and were not species growing in most of the countries of ancient Western Celticity J.

Her lunar zodiac only makes the ancient Druids look like senile lunatics. Paterson also generously gives much credit to a highly contested source such as that of Olo Morganwg's Barddas which she qualifies as "ancient knowledge" and "esoteric wisdom". Her proposed "Celtic Lunar Zodiac" sic follows the beth-luisn-nion, oghamic sequence It can in no way be called astrology "of the Ancient Druids" for these reasons: 1- Because beginning near the winter solstice; 2- Because of its reference to planets not having been observed before "modern" times: Uranus, maybe?

She tells us that Celi was "the great invisible god of the Druids" p. Her sense of etymology is just as bad as her knowledge Celtic mythology, for example she gives Luis Rowan as stemming from Luisiu when the established etymology of Rowan is is Alisos. The term Luis, which derives from Lusis, stood for "mountain ash". Or that the "Welsh Bards referred to the Druids as "Naddreds" or "Adders", a literal term for wise men. Neptune: Lir?

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Jupiter: Jovyn Earth: Abred? While Earth as a planet was known as Crundion and not Abred! The Planets as found in the Book of Ballymote Siglae 8 : Most of these symbols are also found in numismatics and in Gaulish art. In light of this, sadly enough this book can only please the fringe romantics and the misinformed of the Neo-pagan, New-Age and Neo- druidical circles. And then again, if it is shamanic, therefore, has nothing to do with the Celts, and even less with the Druids for that matter.

This being said, here are a few words on Kaledon Naddair's tree-signs wheel: As mentioned, the works of Naddair are under copyright so I will remain brief. We know that the oldest Druidical scheme was based on the lunar mansions. The tree-sign assignments abide by a rigorous oghamic ranking But which cannot be Celtic. But if we forget the shamanic label, here are its qualities for the Celtic domain: Each twelfth of this year pertains to one tree-sign. This system primarily based on the Goidelic culture as ogham-patterned offers several developments: 1- Thanks to an Ogham-Coelbreni reconciliation of alphabets, it is open to the P-Celtic domain.

I trust, therefore, that astronomers will adopt this name [viz. Metis], with an eye and star for symbol. Hind, from Professor Annibale de Gasparis". That of Parthenope is a fish crowned with a star. I have called the new planet Victoria, for which I have devised, as a symbol, a star and laurel branch, emblematic of the Goddess of Victory. Bishop's Observatory, Regent's Park". Sir John Herschel, who kindly undertook the selection of a name for this, the fourteenth member of the ultra-zodiacal group, has suggested Irene as one suitable to the present time, the symbol to be a dove carrying an olive-branch with a star on the head; and since the announcement of this name, I have been gratified in receiving from all quarters the most unqualified expressions of approbation.

An astronomical vocabulary. Luther zu Bilk am April entdeckten Planeten". Luther, Directors der Sternwarte zu Bilk, an den Herausgeber". Retrieved February 14, A handbook of descriptive astronomy. Clarendon Press. Letters on astronomy. A treatise on English punctuation.

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Webster's Complete Dictionary of the English Language. Board O.

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Scientific dialogues for the instruction and entertainment of young people. The edition of the Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris abandoned the use of numerical signs among other innovations ; compare the representation of ecliptic longitude in the editions for the years and Astronomy: principles and practice. A tapestry of orbits.

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Aquarius Symbol Text

Without proper rendering support , you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols. Mercury 's caduceus [17] [37]. Venus 's necklace also interpreted as a "hand mirror" [17] [37]. Mars 's shield and spear [12] [17] [37]. Saturn 's sickle or scythe [12] [17] [37]. Neptune's trident [12]. Bellona's whip and spear [62]. Ari [36]. Tau [36]. Gem [36]. Cnc [36] [77] [5]. Leo [36].

Vir [36].

A Christian Astrologer on the Age of Aquarius

Lib [36]. Sco [36]. Sgr [36]. Cap [36]. Aqr [36]. Psc [36]. Login with your institution. Any other coaching guidance? Don't have an account? Roman coins issued in Antioch in Coele Syria reveal the likely basis for the Star of Bethlehem in the Matthean account of the birth of Jesus. Those coins depict Aries the Ram, which is the zodiacal sign shared by Judea, according to astrologer Claudius Ptolemy. Applying the astrological concepts of Greek astrology, this investigation into the astrological nature of the Star of Bethlehem searches for lunar occultations of Jupiter in the anticipated timeframe for the birth of Jesus.

Jupiter was key to producing royal horoscopes, and its close proximity to the Moon produced an astrological condition befitting the birth of a king.

Re-examining Tradition

The coincidence of these two extremely important regal aspects point to the birth of the King of the Jews. The horoscope for this day is very similar to that for Emperor Hadrian, but with more important astrological aspects. Further study of the Matthean account reveals a story reconstructed around this event, with the objective of appealing to astrology-practicing Romans. Currency and addition of Tax VAT depend on your shipping address.