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The importance of Bhava has been stressed upon since ancient times and astrologers in earlier times used the Bhava chart with good results in.
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It is also the house of expression and communications and is related to artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers, journalists, the show business, the media and internet. Physically represents physical strength, the upper limbs, arms, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and the upper chest, lungs and upper breath passages.

The 4th house, matri bhava or sukha bhava The fourth house represents what is underneath, the earth. It represents the inner life, the mother, motherhood, the earth and Mother Nature, the home, the education, property like houses, land, cattle, real estate and vehicles. It also relates to the emotions, inner intimate feelings and inner happiness.

Physically represents the chest area, breast, milk and the heart. Spiritually it is the house of devotion or Bhakti, love, emotional and mental peace and wellbeing. The 5th house, putra bhava This house represents the capacity to have children, the relationship with them and their wellbeing. It also represents the capacity to be creative on a mental level, creative ideas, creative intelligence or buddhi, writing and artistic creativity.

It is a house of dharma, related with the sense of righteousness, justice, wisdom, education, the process of learning, studying and teaching, educational institutions, books, writers, libraries, sacred scriptures and Mantras. That house is also related with the capacity to play, games, child-like nature, sports, entertainment and the romanticism in love relationships, recreation or what we like to do.


It also relates with good luck, fortune in speculation, gambling or investing. Physically it represents the upper part of the abdomen, the stomach, liver, pancreas, and pregnancies.

My experiences with Astrology and Karma concept

The 6th house, shatru bhava This is called the house of difficulties, enemies, debts, obstacles, diseases, hard work and servitude. It also shows the capacity to overcome those obstacles and diseases and the capacity to win over enemies, so it is usually related with doctors and healers, military, policeman, athletes and physical strength, capacity to do big effort and hard work. Usually the placement of the ruler of the 6th house and planets placed on the 6th house will show the more difficult areas of life, areas where there may be more opposition and need to do a big effort, and also the parts of the body that can be more prone to diseases, injuries and pains.

More specifically it is related to the digestive system and the immune system. Spiritually it relates with Karma Yoga or selfless service and also to the capacity to do a constant and steady effort, necessary for Sadhana or spiritual practices, self discipline and austerities.

The 7th house, kalatra bhava This house relates mainly with marriage, the spouse and other important relationships and partnerships. The 7th house is the opposite of the ascendant. Opposites attract. All maters related to the marriage, sexuality and important partnerships in life are seen in this house.

Understanding Bhava Chart with an example

This house is also related with trade, commerce, business partners and client kind of relationships, and it also represents traveling and locations other than the one the individual is placed and foreign trade. The 8th house, ayur bhava or mrityu bhava This house represents death and longevity. It is a difficult house, related with obstruction to the flow of life, material prosperity and mental wellbeing. It represents the hidden, unknown, mysterious and dark areas of life and the bad or difficult karmas.

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It also represents the sexual organs and sexual energy, sexual magnetism or attraction. If this house is afflicted it can lead to a short life span or chronic diseases, suffering, tragedies, fear, mental depression, anguish, loss of dear objects or people, financial bankruptcy, crimes, imprisonment or other forms of punishment, sexual aberrations, influence from low astral entities, drug addictions, alcoholism or other forms of mental and physical degradation. On the other hand, if this house is strong and well disposed, it can bring the opposite results, meaning: long life, destruction of enemies and difficulties, knowledge of the mind and its hidden potentials, knowledge of psychology, mathematics and sciences, awakening of psychic powers and paranormal faculties, intuition, knowledge of secrets, esoterical knowledge like astrology and tantra, proficiency in Yoga and the control of the mind and the astral body and attainment of Moksha or spiritual liberation.

According to the Yogic scriptures, if this energy flows downwards it takes the person to slavery or hell, if it flows upwards, it takes the person to heaven and the attainment of spiritual illumination or liberation from all suffering. Planets placed on the 8th house and the houses they rule tend to suffer and be areas of difficulties, unless those planets are strong, like in their exaltation or own sign, when they can bring good results.

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It is basically a difficult house for the material aspects of life, since it represents the withdrawal of the energy from the material plane, but because of that, it has also an important role in the spiritual awakening and evolution. This house relates to intense transformation and purification of the old bad karma, which is so necessary for the spiritual awakening, even though the process is usually painful.

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  • This is considered the most auspicious house or the house of good luck. Good luck is the result of following Dharma or right actions in the past.

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    Therefore planets placed in this house and the houses they rule will tend to flourish and manifest their best qualities, unless they are debilitated or severely afflicted. The planet ruling the 9th house is also a benefic planet which will bless the house it is placed or aspecting, if it is not afflicted. The 9th house is the main house to assess the spiritual inclinations of a person, their philosophical values, spiritual path, religious approach, and the main dharma or mission in life, the kind of path that will be conducing to the greatest benefit or growth.

    It is also related with pilgrimages, successful travels for spiritual reasons and connections with foreigners. The 10th house, karma bhava This house represents our actions and main work in this life. It is the house where we can assess matters related to the success or failure in career, natural vocation and talents, name, fame, prestige, honor and recognition in our work.

    It represents the position and power that a person has in the society, related with his work achievements. The 10th house is the highest position in the sky at the moment of birth, so it represents our direction and goals in life, the personal mission or work that we are supposed to do in this life.

    Planets placed on the 10th house tend to be very important, strong and externally visible and manifested in the life of a person, and tend to make the person ambitious, out-going and achievement oriented. The nature of those planes and the house they rule will be important influential factors to determine the career and profession a person does in life.

    The 11th house, labha bhava This is called the house of Gain. It relates with abundance, money, income and possession of the desired objects. Anjana, Myself Meenu jain is and engineer by profession but interested in predictive astrology. I found your article as quite interesting. I am reading it for the past five years. I am more interested in medical predictions. Hello ma'am, Can you please tell the effects is Saturn shifting from 12th house in lagna chart to 11th house in chalit chart in a horoscope of Aquarius ascendant?

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    Learn About The 12 Houses In Vedic Astrology

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