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Did you know that through Karmic Astrology you can know what's your past life karma and your current life Dharma? We set up a complete.
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This is not to say that one should do good deeds for the purpose of having those good deeds come back to them plentifully, however.

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The energy one puts out does, indeed, come back to one, but those deeds should not be done expecting a reward. That is selfishness, and the intention behind a good deed being selfish sort of cancels the good deed out. This is never more easily recognized than today, with social media like Twitter. Someone will Tweet that they just bought a homeless man a sandwich or whatever, and expect people to shower them in praise. They may have fed a homeless man, certainly, they may have done a god deed, yes, of course — but the reality of that situation is that they did that good deed for the purpose of being recognized.

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Karmic Law

However, it is the intent that the Rule judges. Cast a spell to protect your house, and it sees that the primary intent is self-protection. Nothing done, all even. Aries' key phrase is "I am," and this is precisely what the first house represents. The second house rules everything related to our resources and material comfort: money, self-worth, physical surroundings, values, etc.

It is the house of possessions, and all that belongs to just us.

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Sound familiar? After all, Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac, so this house naturally belongs to this earth sign. This house rules everything related to our thoughts and communication style. Obviously, the third house belongs none other than curious Gemini, considering it determines the way we communicate with the rest of the world. It also governs our siblings, immediate community, technology, and source of transportation.

The fourth house belongs to domestic Cancer, and in true Cancerian fashion, it is hidden at the very bottom of the zodiac wheel.

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So, put it this way: If the first house is the front door to your chart, the fourth is the foundation of your chart. This house rules everything related to our home, family, ancestral line, security, nurture, and soul foundation. The fifth house is loud and sassy, just like its owner, Leo. This house governs our artistic muse, individual light, creative expression, romance, and children.

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I always say it's the stage of the zodiac, given its dramatic flair. In true Virgoan fashion, the systematic sixth house governs everything that goes on in our day-to-day. It is the house of busy schedules, important details, and fussy criticism.

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This house also relates to healthy living, and being of service to others. This area of the zodiac belongs to lovable Libra, and for good reason. The seventh house rules our relationships, partnerships, and the people that we attract into our lives, both professionally and personally. I always say the eighth house is haunted, and it sort of is in a way, considering it's the house of death, which of course belongs to Scorpio.

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The Karma You Will Receive in 12222 Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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