Three planet conjunction vedic astrology

Conjunction of three planets in astrology. Sun, Moon and Mars are conjunct in the same house. The person is valorous, merciless, very capable, wealthy.
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Three Planet Conjunction How a planet influences the native depends upon whether it is placed alone in a house or with other planets. Similarly, the effect of two planets conjunct together is wholly different from how conjunction of 3 planets affects the horoscope. When three planets fall conjunct in major houses like Ascendant, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house, it makes the native a multi-tasker. Such a person has the ability to get involved in more than one interest, hobby and occupation.

How Does Planetary Astrology Work?

However, it depends upon which planets are placed together and the house they occupy. If the 3 planet conjunction is positive, it lessens the impact of any negative aspect of other planets too. When dasa of a single planet starts, the rest of the two planets would also get activated, bringing a lot more benefits than just one planet could in relation to the house of placement.

However, it can also go the other way round if the conjunction is negative and the inauspicious effects may multiply. You can read more in the subsequent pages on how the 3 planets conjunction works in a horoscope. Sign placement - Sign in which conjunction is happening also matters. Suppose Jupiter-Venus are conjunct in some horoscope in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer whereas for Venus, it is an enemy sign.

Now, Jupiter will have higher say. Same Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Capricorn will give Venus more power as for Venus, it is friendly sign and Jupiter gets debilitated there. Mahadasha and Antardasha - I personally feel it is the most decisive in results. In this picture, we have 4 planets in conjunction and 3 of them in tight conjunction, but whichever planet is active through its Mahadasha or Antardasha, the person will feel more results of that planet.

Again Mahadasha planet will have authority over Antardasha planet. Hope it is helpful. Vishal S Saxena — Astrologer.

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Mob - The native may be wicked, fickle minded, quarrelsome, ill-famed, indulges in sinful acts, and inimical to own people. In 1 st , 9 th or 10 th it will give very good results, bad results in 3 rd , 4 th or 8 th and moderate in other houses. The native is too much attached to money. The native is learned, cultured, honourable, industrious, wealthy and engaged in self-comforts. He is greedy, highly covetous, mean in conduct, jealous of others, and blameworthy. In 7 th house, it causes disturbances in marriage, married life and troubles through children.

He will, however has little comforts from children. Gives bad results in 4 th or 6 th house, where he has asthmatic or cardiac troubles. The native is intelligent, highly learned, proficient in many arts, has great literary success, very good looking, born to a chaste lady, comfortable life, charitable, with no enemy, and will do good deeds. In 2 nd , 10 th or 11 th house, makes one very wealthy.

But in 7 th house, one will be ruined due to influence of opposite sex after marriage. He will have good company of many women, have bad married life or lose spouse early.

How to understand the Conjunctions?

He may bring bad name to in-laws and die in foreign land. One gains through finances of others. For illustration, please refer Chat No. Raman and Chart No. The native will be servient, menial, working in lower echelon, poor, seek help from others, wanderer, cheat, lives in secluded or foreign places, and will have facial or eye diseases.

One should avoid influence of opposite sex, otherwise Venus being malefic brings ill-fame and unhappiness from progeny. The native is intelligent, honourable, liked by rulers, but jealous, licentious, cruel, wicked, conceited, unkind, lean bodied, have wounds on the body and is bereft of friends. The native has knowledge of various arts and attached to his own country.

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But in 7 th house, one may not have enough wealth, suffer from domestic and gstric troubles. He will be learned, courageous, fortunate and devoted to his wife. Tags Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas. Writen by Dr.

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