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Libra men are jealous and possessive when confronted with flirtatious behavior of their loved one but can also snap at a simple sign of.
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How jealous is each zodiac sign? When it comes to love and relationships certain zodiac signs can become crazily jealous even though they aren't typically jealous or envious on a daily basis; Taurus for example turns into a crazy jealous monster in a relationship.

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We've studied the zodiacs in love and have ranked them from the most jealous to the least. Is your zodiac sign the most jealous in love? If so, you need to check out our guide on Angel numbers to reveal the message. Discover the 6 most selfish zodiac signs! Click on your zodiac sign for more precious information regarding zodiac jealousy.

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When it's over you know you'll be back to cuddling. You get jealous over the smallest things which can be toxic in your relationship, unless it's all an act? Receive more spiritual advice. Are Leos jealous? Unsure if your partner is being faithful? Speak to one of our experts for advice Are Libras jealous? Find out the best secrets to your success, chat with an expert.

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Are Capricorns jealous? Need a fresh insight?

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I'm Aries. I get why. I was jealous my online friend kissed her other best friend with is a boy. And said "Ily" when she left the chat.

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My best friend is a girl and asshole is a boy, guy even said "ily2" I'm heart broken and not joining that chat again lmao. Kayleigh Jade. Astro girl. Yeah i was thinking the same.. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now! So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now?

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To help you make your choice, check out our advisor's specialities, tarifs and reviews. Discover everything you need to know about your sign and more! Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths. So what are you waiting for? Read on! Have you ever sneakily looked through your partner's messages? Done some Facebook stalking? But to what extreme?

Each zodiac sign has a different level of jealousy, so take a look at where your sign fits on the jealousy scale! Are you one of the most jealous zodiac signs? Which zodiac sign is the most jealous? We reveal everything you need to know about zodiac jealousy. Signs of jealous behavior - How jealous you are based on your zodiac sign Nine times out of ten, your jealousy stems from your fear of being cheated on and left by a partner.

Scorpio is the most jealous zodiac sign. Virgo is crazy jealous. Not to be messed with kind of jealous. You are more naturally attentive to symbols. You act on impulse as if you would want to free yourself from something. You are guided by subjective perception and evaluation. You have a spontaneous and impulsive nature. The danger of confusing values is, therefore, present.

You do not ask questions about your behavior or your character. You are extremely lucid, knowing that the ego gets what it desires or covets by neglecting itself. Your activity is irrepressible, instinctive, oscillating between you and others. You have a subjective manner to experiment things and, disregarding objectivity, you combine these facts with your feelings. If you lack self-confidence, you can be very presumptuous, and you also have authoritative tendencies, lacking tolerance. Selfishness can be superimposed on the purest altruism, in the sense that one part of you, the selfish one, will compensate for another part, which is absolutely opposite.

This can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. You may feel some frustration and depression because you lack an optimistic perspective, but some caution is required. This year, the additional work will help you improve your financial situation. Until September when you are the architect or your own improvement, you can expect help to come to you from April to August.

For the whole of this time, Venus, will remain in the air sign of Gemini, allowing easier expression for you. When Jupiter enters Libra on 25 September to remain until October will be your time for personal advancement. Mid-may until end of June could be a time when you may need to watch your spending and it can affect your social life and entertaining.

There is nothing to indicate major problems this year, but be aware of May to June period when you would be wise to be careful with money. There is the potential for an increase in your money flow from late September. This can continue from this point and get better until the end of December. You can feel quite challenged by other people in January and mid April to mid May. You will find that it is through partnerships that you also benefit in February and March.

Venus in Gemini is a major player this year and in this time people come into your life from somewhere else. Late October until late November is best overall for love. This is a major area of challenge this year as Saturn makes its way through this section of your horoscope. You may feel your choices are limited by some circumstance in life, like lack of qualifications, your age, or even where you live.

A decision early March can improve options for you, and you could even move before the end of the year, if this is one of your stumbling blocks. May and August are two possibly months for lowered vitality. You are more inclined to suffer health problems when your life is thrown out of balance and both these months have influences that could do this to you. Happy New Year! The normally sweet, retiring you will probably surprise some people this month. Sure, you have no trouble communicating. Everyone else will probably find this temporary fit of confidence very sexy!

How Jealous Are You?

Most of you will probably be spending the month the way you usually pass the time—by charming the pants off everyone around you! You early Libra people will be very focused on your job. Anybody else might let this interfere with his or her social life. Some of you may feel like letting your freak flag fly! Some of you will still be blessed with a heightened imagination that will help you reach your goals and ambitions, and others need to avoid confrontations around the middle of the month.

How Does a Libra Man Act When Jealous?

The rest of you will just have to go pound sand until next month! It will all work out in the end if you stay positive. Happy Easter!