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This fire sign is ruled by the sun. They enjoy the theater, holidays, bright colors, fun with friends and being admired. The symbol for this sign is fitting, because the lion is the embodiment of all the very best traits Leos have to offer. They are regal and relaxed, proud and in charge. Leos know that they are in charge of just about any situation, even if it appears to those on the outside that they are not. Fire signs, like the Leo, are bright individuals that use their warm energy to draw people in. With the proper balance, those in the presence of a Leo will feel appreciated and loved.

Of all the signs, Leos are the most dominant, creative and spontaneous of all the Zodiac. They are strong-willed, positive, independent and self-confident. They are born leaders, and can either revolt against or support the status quo. Their magnanimous personality gives them a great, commanding presence, and they work well with — and get great loyalty from — their subordinates. They tend to be easy going and fairly uncomplicated individuals.

On the downside, their sense of self-worth can quickly cross over to arrogance. Leos can be extravagant if they cannot find satisfaction with what they have. Loss and divorce are particularly devastating to Leos because community and family are incredibly important to them. On the upside, Leos are decent and honest people. They prefer to do the right thing no matter the situation.

They are highly organized, mainly so that they can find their material goods. They enjoy luxury, and want the people they love to enjoy it as well. They tend to accept everyone, at least in the beginning, and usually make long lasting relationships. Aries: This match has a lot of potential. Each of you will be able to understand each other without having to try too hard, and — as a team — your personalities are complimentary of each other.

The great thing about this pair is that you are both aggressive, passionate, somewhat egotistical and all around fun. Your Aries has the get-up-and-go attitude to get projects started, and Leos have the strength to see them to completion. This is great because Aries love to start something, but sometimes lack the patience to see them through, whereas they have the motivation to see a project started — and sometimes Leos do not. Both of you will want to take the lead and be in control of this relationship.

In other signs and their relationships, it can lead to a healthy competition. Leo and Aries want to be the best lover their partner has ever had. If either of you feel that might not be the case, this can lead to disagreements. When it comes to past lovers, leave them where they belong and both you and your Aries will be happy. Libra: Leos are drawn into the Libras refined and sophisticated lifestyle as well as their quick mind and charms. Libras are diplomatic and very affectionate partners, giving them the ability to complement their Leo and truly mean it. Both of you love to be social, are outgoing and enjoy being the center of attention.

Leos are slightly more charismatic, but both are just as playful — which leads to friendly and entertaining rivalry. The only downfall to this matchup is that your Libra can encourage you a little too much. Since Leos can get carried away, especially in front of an audience, you may come off as boisterous or rude. Neither of you are great with money because you enjoy spending it on fun, adventurous things.

Sagittarius: You have a tremendous amount in common with this partner. Overall, this will probably be a highly energetic, fun-loving relationship. Both signs are optimistic, generous and enthusiastic. Each of you also enjoy playing with fire, and this relationship is likely to develop quickly because of it.

You are the stubborn one in this relationship, and your Sagittarius will be great at helping you find solutions you might not see otherwise. The danger zone for this match is how brutally honest Sagittarius can be. They are not good at tact or criticism, which is something Leos hate. Money may also be an issue here; Mostly because the two of you prefer spending over saving. Gemini: In the twin sign, you will find a fun and light partner who is best suited to bring out your competitive and playful side. Geminis prefer to always be talking to someone, which is great for Leos.

Both of you are creative, outgoing and sociable. As with other matches, both really like to be the center of attention. The competition for center stage is fun and light-hearted, and will make others laugh. Avoiding crossing lines in this department will save you. Since you are more possessive than your Gemini, it is likely to be you, the Leo, who is more upset than your Gemini partner, and you are the one who will be looking for long-term commitment well before your other half. Remember, they are free-spirited and not easily tamed.

They can be put off by a partner whom they perceive is trying to smother them, especially early on in a relationship. The two of you mesh well together, and as long as there are open lines of communication, things should work out well. A water sign, and ruled by the moon, Cancers are sentimental and deeply intuitive. This is known as one of the most challenging signs in the Zodiac to get to know.

They are sensitive and emotional, and care tremendously for their family and home. They are attached to the people around them and prefer to stay near those they know. They are highly imaginative, tenacious, sympathetic, persuasive and loyal. They love any hobbies they can do at home, are artistic as well as appreciative of art, they enjoy a quiet meal with good friends and relaxing near the water. Sometimes, Cancers can be moody and pessimistic, manipulative and insecure. The crustacean symbolizes this sign for a good reason; Like the crab who carries his shell on his back, typical Cancers are dedicated, loyal to friends and family and stay close to home.

They are all about everything that revolves around their home, which mostly includes their close circle of friends and their family. Once they find something that makes them happy, the crab will hold on tight and never let it go. The key trait for Cancers is that they are the type of person who needs to be needed. They have to matter to someone and must be secure in their love. They are brave, protective and courageous, which are a few of the best qualities of this sign. If their needs are not being met, they can become reclusive, shy, brooding and moody.

Like most water signs, Cancers are quite mysterious. When it comes to friends and family, they are quite nurturing and gentle. On the upside, these crabs have an odd sense of humor. They are great listeners, and are empathetic to the plight of others. People who need someone to listen often gravitate toward Cancers, because intuition tells them that they will understand exactly how they feel.

Cancers make outstanding friends. Cancers are true to their loved ones, and do not use others to benefit themselves. They are dependable and reliable. Like those drawn to them for their loyalty, Cancers are drawn to others they know to be honest — which makes it so they will reveal anything about themselves, if only asked. On rare occasions they will lie, but that stems mostly from their insecurities about being alone. Virgo: This match is incredibly harmonious, and you will bring out the best in each other.

You have a lot in common, and each are supportive and stable in all aspects of life. Your Virgo will constantly and consistently work to build your self-confidence. This is great for the sometimes insecure Cancer. On occasion, you can both be moody or unpredictable, but in this match it is manageable. Your Virgo has the understanding and patience of a saint — meaning they can take your mood swings in stride. Their natural stability helps to ground you until your moods have passed. Your Virgo is very loyal. They value security and stability in a relationship just like you.

Routine and order are important, and you are both organized. Virgos are also very courteous, and are predictable partners. Both of you are hard-working, even if it is for differing reasons. Your Virgo feels the need to be productive, while you like to save for a rainy day. When it comes to spending, both of you are conservative and frugal. You take pride in your home and prefer to stay in over going out to party. The end result is the same, and the two of you will respect each other for these similarities.

Negatively, the both of you are critical at times. You both have a tendency to worry, and in this aspect you are somewhat unable to support each other. This can lead to irritation or nagging that will eventually blow over. Scorpio: Of the four, Scorpio is one of the best sign matches. You will be drawn to the strong personality of the Scorpio, though both of you can be controlling in a relationship.

In this pair, however, Cancers feel at ease enough with the Scorpio to let them take control of the situation from time to time. Scorpios need more alone time to recharge than other signs. If you misinterpret, it can cause your Scorpio to become reclusive and possibly vindictive, which might lead to the end of the relationship. Let them have their space, and your Scorpio will be a happy camper. Pisces: Considered an ideal match, the Pisces partner can use their empathy to absorb your moods.

Sun enters Scorpio

This will ensure that the two of you are in constant harmony. Being a fellow water sign, your Pisces will understand you on a deeper level than most other signs are capable of. In this relationship, both of you are equally sentimental and romantic. You give each other the sensitivity, tenderness, stability and compassion the both of you need to thrive.

Your Pisces will also need alone time to recharge. Deeply empathetic signs like the fish usually absorb all emotions, both negative and positive, and this can affect them adversely. They do not require as much space as the Scorpio, however.

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So much so that the two of you can isolate yourselves from the world. This can become the only negative aspect to this match in that, if your moods sour, it would be difficult for you to cheer each other up. That being said, you enjoy staying at home as opposed to going out. Taurus: To the Cancer, Taurus is a great match.

They are strong-willed and know exactly how to get where they are going, so to speak. This is comforting and inspiring to Cancers. Taurus will also support as well as enjoy your emotional needs. They have the patience and maturity to be able to shrug off most of your moodiness. The two of you have many things in common, including home, family, financial security, enjoying affection and being nurtured, and you both appreciate food and cooking.

With this match, there is more likely to be an argument over who gets to cook dinner rather than who should cook. This pair also prefers to enjoy a quiet evening at home rather than spending time socializing in loud, overcrowded hot spots. Each of you are also sentimental with people, places, routines and even possessions. There are a couple of minor, negative aspects to this relationship, however.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Cancer and Taurus are naturally jealous and possessive. Still, since the both of you are also fiercely loyal, it is unlikely that jealousy or possessiveness will ever manifest in your relationship. You are both stubborn as well, and may fight for control in the relationship. Since the two of you are a perfect match when it comes to control, it will be difficult to tell if either of you truly are. Gemini, with their twin sign, means they are elusive, complex, dual-natured and contradictory.

Their element is air, and their best day of the week is Wednesday.

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The great Mercury rules this sign. Mercury is the planet or god of youth, and those who fall under his sign tend to exhibit the behaviors and faults of the youth. Being almost childlike means they are gentle, curious, adaptable, learn quickly and are affectionate. This also means they can be inconsistent, indecisive and nervous. Gemini love music, talking to anyone and everyone — including strangers — books and magazines.

As twins, they rarely like to do anything alone. They are happy in groups having meaningful discussions, sharing concepts and ideas or just having fun. Gemini are great in any social situations. They are easy-going and adventurous by nature. Traveling appeals to them, because it gives the Gemini the opportunity to meet new and exciting people as well as learn new things. They almost crave intellectual stimulation and often push the mental, physical and spiritual envelope.

Gemini are gluttonous for new experiences; Although they enjoy people, they will sometimes find their adventure alone, although the time spent by themselves is limited. On the downside, they must be the center of attention. All the time. Unfortunately, this can include careers, relationships and friendships. They need to feel important and because of this, they are prone to little white lies.

When they have taken to focusing solely on themselves, they will be rude and often times unsympathetic to those around them. On the upside, this sign is great with conversation, and are overall very charming. They are interesting to listen to because they know at least a little about almost everything. They are also quite funny and optimistic most of the time. Because they loathe boredom, they have been known to make their own fun. Aries: This pair compliments each other in almost every respect.

Your Aries partner will rev your engine, and once your ideas are racing toward the finish line, Aries will be there to act on those ideas. Together, the two of you will have great end results. Communication and excitement are key in this partnership. The two of you are like muses who consistently inspire the other, meaning your Aries will bring out the spontaneity and passion in you. Since Aries are more aggressive by nature, this pairing allows the Gemini to function as the think tank of the relationship.

That being said, both of you love starting new and exciting projects, but neither have the tendency to finish them. You each find something bigger and better to hold your attention for a while, before moving on to the next project. Since this is a source of constant entertainment, neither of you will concern yourselves with all of your unfinished projects. If not, it will stress neither of you out.

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Protective of your loved ones, you are sometimes out of line. You make decisions for them without even giving a second thought to their feelings. Nonetheless, those born today love them and have only good intentions. Typically, the December 31 birthday personality is organized people who are capable of keeping their financial records current and accurate.

You need to keep your life in order and planning helps you to do this. Sometimes you take on too much responsibility, however. This makes it hard for you to be on time or make it to an event or appointment. You hate this, but sometimes you need to be social.

December 16th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Sagittarius - Part 2

The future of person who born on 31 December depends on the current connections they make. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The December 31st birthday horoscope suggests that you are practical and sensible individuals who make great leaders. As the December 31 zodiac sign is Capricorn, you dislike childish behavior or foolishness on the job.

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    • Do things on the spur of the moment instead of planning everything you do. The December 31 birthday characteristics say that you are determined and enthusiastic about life in general. How many of you check your weekly horoscope? Who doesn't love to check their sign compatibility against a new crush? Do zodiac signs influence the way a DJ mixes, or what kind of sound a producer calls their own?

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