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Free Daily horoscope for Monday, January 28, - Day of the Wood Ox of Daily Chinese horoscope for the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon.
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It is said that the internal animal will determine your last years of life and offer information about your parents. It is easy to calculate because it corresponds with the month of your birth:. Your secret animal will reveal your true character and to calculate it all you need to do is know the hour of your birth:. There are actually another two factors that influence your character and destiny.

Each year the dominant element will interact with your element determined, exactly, by the last digit of your year of birth in positive or negative way. If however your element is wood, for you it will be a lucky year. Tell me the truth, you never thought of this did you? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Start Here! Why does each sign correspond with an animal?

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The Mouse is wise, ambitious and persuasive. The Buffalo is loyal, trustworthy and determined. The tiger is courageous and charismatic. The Rabbit is modest, sincere and sociable.

12222: Year of the Pig – Chinese Animal Signs

The Dragon is eccentric and spiritual. An artist. The Snake is intelligent, intuitive and elegant. The Horse is loyal, ambitious and strong. The Goat is sensible, calm and given to certain tastes. The Monkey is lucky, versatile and clever. Find the year range where your birthday falls. This is your zodiac sign and the element that rules your sign. For ease of reading, the following charts are divided into year segments.

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The outer circle of a Chinese New Year zodiac chart features a white and black rim. Each sign will have either a black yin or white yang band to indicate the animal's chi energy. White represents sunlight and masculine yang energy while the black represents moonlight and feminine yin energy. Not only is each astrological sign in the Chinese New Year zodiac chart ruled by an element, but they are also ruled by either yin or yang energy.

What Are The Chinese Zodiac Years From To ?

There are "Yin" years and "Yang" years for each Chinese zodiac astrological sign. The easiest way to keep this straight is:. Each year has either yin or yang energy as well as an element. You can easily determine these when you follow the chart below. The five elements in the Chinese zodiac chart are interrelated and can be either productive, often referred to as an affinity relationship, or destructive, often referred to as an enmity relationship.

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  5. Part 1: Inner Ring of Five Elements;
  6. A compatible relationship productive is positive for both people and produces all the good things you expect from a solid and whole yin yang relationship. When the elements clash in ways that destroy each other from opposite directions, such as north water and south fire this is called the destructive cycle.

    The Next 10 Years In The Chinese Zodiac

    In a human relationship, this threat of element clashing is referred to as an enmity relationship. This type of relationship will basically self-destruct.

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