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What Your Sign's October Horoscope Predictions Mean for You. Scorpio season is Illustration of some of the horoscope signs including Leo Virgo and Libra. Alexa De Paulis . Libra (September 23 – October 22). October.
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Finally, the month closes out with an intense new moon in the passionate fixed water sign , pushing us to reflect on our needs in a deep, transformative way and then set a powerful intention that will have an undeniable reverberating effect. Taking charge of your desires feels empowering now and moving forward. Read your full Aries love horoscope for One-on-one time with your S.

And if you can devote that time to pleasure-seeking activities together like getting a couples massage or taking a weekend trip , you could achieve a whole new level of harmony. On October 21, the romance planet forms a sweet trine to dreamy Neptune in your eleventh house of friendship, making it an ideal time to get together with your social circle.

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A group date or pre-Halloween party could set a magical tone for several of your closest bonds, Taurus! Read your full Taurus love horoscope for Making moves related to these realizations can lead to meaningful, satisfying shifts. Read your full Gemini love horoscope for Prioritizing lighthearted, fun activities with your sweetheart like visiting a pumpkin patch can be restorative and bond-bolstering.

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And around October 27, the new moon in the same zone bumps up your drive to express your desires. Giving into your urge to make your sweetest, most imaginative romantic fantasies known has you feeling empowered—and basically glow from the inside out! Because this is a powerful time for intention-setting, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this whimsical energy now and in the months ahead. Read your full Cancer love horoscope for The benefit of this transit for your love life? This can lead to increased clarity around your current romantic situation.

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Enjoying a new level of security and comfort from your bond can set flame to your chemistry. Read your full Leo love horoscope for Do your best to be open to swimming in the deepest emotional waters of your most intimate bonds, Virgo. And on October 21, relationship-oriented Venus in your third house of communication forms a positive trine to dreamy Neptune in your seventh house of partnership, making it the perfect time to have a meaningful conversation with your sweetheart about your most pressing daydreams and long-term goals.

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The moment can offer sweet, well-deserved peace of mind. Read your full Virgo love horoscope for Ultimately, the lesson of this moment is figuring out what you need to do to be comfortable and true to yourself within your closest one-on-one bonds. Read your full Libra love horoscope for This transit also bumps up your inner and outer glow, helping to make you even more magnetic than usual. Health should be excellent through this period.

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After the 13th would be a good time to begin new projects that either enhance your work environment or improve your health. After the 24th, you may become involved with spiritual or occult matters within your career, or you could decide your present calling is not adequate. The 27th brings illumination to some personal issue.

Your inner cruise director is working overtime to choose between romance, creativity or pleasurable pursuits.

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The new moon on the 13th would be good for starting new creative projects that use your artistic ability. Communications increase with employers and employees. New health regimens will be considered. A good time to start a sensible diet.

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After the 24th, your interests may be stimulated to connect with higher consciousness and spiritual truths. The 27th brings awareness to some mystical or spiritual discipline or emotional issue. The home front becomes your strategic command center! You might as well have a revolving door with all the comings and goings.

Numerous visitors, nostalgic conversations, lively debates, renovations and expansion are all part of the scenario. From relationships to money, find out what to expect over the next 12 months with your annual horoscope. Precise, well thought out communications gives way to the tendency to overindulge in food and drink. Family disputes begin to be settled. Mental activities will appeal to you.

The universe is asking you to use your inborn need to creatively express yourself and be appreciated by others in your everyday environment. The pace of your daily routine has surely gone into warp speed! Your plans for the future are becoming larger and more expansive.

After the 15th, thoughts turn toward the home front, family, and considering the strength of your personal security and foundation. Some may take on a higher spiritual quality. The 27th brings awareness to issues concerning career or projecting the public image you desire.

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Be sure and set aside some money for sudden unexpected expenses. Personal Venusian pursuits give way to the ability to attract material possessions, money and people. Financial opportunities may arise. Guard against over spending. The new moon on the 13th is a good time to start a project to increase your net worth. After the 24th, you may realize the need to heighten your awareness and sensitivity to your physical self, or perhaps fellow employees may not clearly understand your actions.

The 27th illuminates the need to take a break from your daily life on some level. Happy Birthday you charming, diplomatic, artistic children of the zodiac! What a way to start your new yearly astrological cycle with so much planetary energy in your birth sign. You are truly on center stage as you have a lot to communicate. Extra opportunities and luck come your way through October You have an extra boost of energy to move you forward until the middle of November.

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After the 22nd, finances and personal values need to be addressed. Are they serving your needs or are you serving theirs? An inspirational romance or project could begin after the 24th. Joint finances, taxes, or intense personal issues could be illuminated on the 27th. Do you feel like a volcano bubbling and boiling ready to erupt?