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The New Moon on Saturday, September 28, , at 5° Libra brings love, enjoyment Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon September 14, ; Next Moon Phase: Full Moon October 13, · Moon Phases Calendar.
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The table displays the list of New Moon dates and zodiac sign. With a complete year of information, finding the next New Moon date just got easier! There's no need to thumb month by month through a lunar calendar.

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The time zone is adjustable to provide you the times for your area. Although Eclipses always fall on the day of a New Moon Solar or a Full Moon Lunar , they are less frequent and listed on a different page.

Lunar Calendar 12222: Discover The Moon Phase Today

The Eclipse times can also be time zone adjusted. To adjust the New Moon times for your time zone, add or subtract the number of hours your time zone is from 0 UT. Nolle arbitrarily defined a supermoon as a new or full moon that occurs when the natural satellite is at or near within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit perigee. Interestingly, nobody paid much attention to Nolle's definition until March 19, , when the full moon arrived at an exceptionally close perigee, coming within miles kilometers of its closest possible approach to Earth. Suddenly, the term "supermoon" went viral.

But why? An airplane crosses the supermoon full moon of Dec. And because the moon will be unusually close to Earth on Feb.

Full Moon in : Lunar Calendar, Significance and Influence on Zodiac Signs

Despite Nolle's comment, there is absolutely no solid scientific correlation between earthquakes and the moon's distance from the Earth. And there were no significant quakes, tsunami or volcanic eruptions from March 16t to 22, Nevertheless, in anticipation of the March 19, , full moon, somebody doing some research dredged up Nolle's "supermoon" definition and launched what I refer to as the "supermoon syndrome.

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For years, astronomers classified a full moon that coincided with perigee as a "perigean full moon," a term that received little or no fanfare. Now, it seems that every time a full moon coincides with perigee, it is referred to as a supermoon. Once a year, the moon turns full within several hours of perigee; after next Tuesday, the next time this will occur will be on April 7, And yet, last month's full moon, on Jan. Even some reputable astronomy sites endorse this definition.

Every Important Astrological Event and Date You Need to Know in 12222

To the casual stargazer, a supermoon looks similar to other full moons. If you step outside and look at the moon on Tuesday night and expect to see something special, you'll likely be disappointed. At least last month's so-called supermoon was accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. Order your copy today!

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Moon's Astrological Place in the Zodiac The signs listed below are based on astrological calculations. The Zodiac Explained View Chart. Helpful Hint…. All rights reserved.

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