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Hindu Jyotish Astrology/Vedic Astrology Reading and Consultation, Vedic This avastha reflects the status or the dignity of the planets and.
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They are leaders which command others and remain firm in order to achieve there goals. Politicians , CEO and other higher administrative posts of the country are the significations of Leo ascendant persons. On the other hand, if Sun is debilitated or presence of functional malefic planet in Leo will make one to loose morale and one can adopt wrong ways to fulfill there aspirations.

They are also dedicated thinkers who takes each and every bit to understand stock of situation before giving there decisions. They are the persons that know , how to deal with toughest situation with ease. They are the persons who give first priority to love and marital life. They spend lavishly and love to travels and fun loving persons.

They spend heavily on luxurious items , clothes and shopping is always on there cards. Venus or Saturn in Libra for Libra ascendant natives makes one full of love , honesty , dedication in there all round pursuits. On the other hand, debilitated Sun in Libra makes one jealous in love related matters and hatred , frustration can come in one personal life too. As Mars is fiery planet but as Scorpio is watery sign , presence of Mars in Scorpio makes one aggressive but side by side , they are emotional from heart too.

In other words, we can say rough and tough from outside but soft from inside. They are fixed in nature which signifies that once they make up there mind , they did not alter there views. They do accept there failures and emotional too but would not show up there emotions as like Cancer or Pisces.

Army , Police men , Paramilitary forces and Surgeon are the professions that best suited for Scorpio. Sagittarians are the persons who are knowledgeable and intelligent and do try to spread humanity in every hook and corners of the world and do not afraid to give advices to the world. No doubt , most of the saints had influence of planet Jupiter and Ketu which are the two planets that takes one to spirituality in one life.

They are the honest , dedicated , hard working among all zodiac signs. Whatever be the condition, they believe in doing the hard work and get most of the recognition by there self efforts rather than taking the help of luck. At times , even if they do not get recognition , they do not afraid and fulfill there commitments by there hard work.

At times , they move by other advices and do not able to take best decisions in tougher situations. They are down to earth person too and most of there achievements come with there hard work. They are the signs that tell that there is no substitute of hard work and there is no short cut to success. They believe in putting there best efforts but they remains firm in there decisions.

They are rigid and once makes up there mind , it will harder that they will change there stance after that. They are the persons , who goes very deep in there analysis before taking any decisions. They are slow thinkers but motivated too. They set there targets and then make time line scheduling of things that how to reach to that goals. They tend to become mentally upset easily when results are not up to there expectations. They are the watery sign which makes then emotional as like Cancer. They tends to move as according to situation and are not good decision makers.

Effects / importance of planets degree and ascendant degree (rising sign degree) in astrology

They do get upset over smaller things as well and next time , you visit any Pisces persons , do remember that thing else you might be hurting Pisces person. They are charming peoples and afraid of hurting sentiments of others. They do not show there miseries and most of the time keep things in there heart which confined them to there own world. Persons born in this nakshatra are spiritual , physician , humble and have caring for others.

Persons born in this nakshatra are creative , talented , lovable and affectionable. This nakshatra signifies battles and war. Person born in this nakshatra can become aggressive very easily but are born fighters and never say no to any work. Moon is queen in Indian astrology. Persons born in this nakshatra are emotional , caring and get depressed very easily.

Mars is commander —in —chief in Vedic astrology and thus signifies soldiers , army persons and other paramilitary forces of the country. All this significations are good profession for person born in this nakshatra. Rahu is natural malefic planet and thus one born in nakshatra is bit materialistic and most of his efforts will be there to achieve materialistic gains.

However benefic Rahu in chart will help native to get luxuries of life with ease in Rahu period. Person born in this nakshatra is knowledgeable , intelligent and good knowledge of religious books too. Person born in this nakshatra will be hard working and put there dedicated efforts to get results in there life. They tend to believe on there hard work rather than believing in there destiny. If Ketu is posited positively, then one will have respect for elders , knowledgeable and be well treated in society but on the other hand malefic ketu will destroy all this significations in one birth chart.

Purva Phalguni : Purva Phalguni nakshatra lord is Venus.

Rahul Gandhi Horoscope- status of each planet?

Persons born in this nakshatras will be generous, charming and have magnetic personality. Persons born in this nakshatra will be emotional , generous , respectable in society. Afflicted moon in chart will make one depressed and sad easily and quickly. Person born in this nakshatra will be ambitious , high aspirations and wants to get dignified status in society. Person born in this nakshatra will be natural talented , intelligent and grasp knowledge quite quickly.

Person born in this nakshatra will be saints , spiritual advisor , surgeons who will benefit the society with there works. Person born in this nakshatra will be fond of luxurious items and wants to live lavish lifestyle in there life. Person born in this nakshatra sets there goal quite higher and with this aim in mind wants to rise higher in there life.

Persons born in this nakshatra are highly talented and work harder to reach there goals but when they do not get the desired results , they tends to become depressed easily too. Persons born in this nakshatra will be bold and will have good organizational capabilities and will not take rest till the time , there job is not accomplished.

Persons born in this nakshatra will be ambitious , want to go higher in there life and wants to achieve taste of success with there efforts. They are hard working too but weak Rahu might leads to problems in relationships too.

rahu and ketu | Vedic Astrology Guide

Person born in this nakshatra will be able to command respect in the society with the hard and dedicated efforts. They want to work for the upliftment of the society which is reflected in there work. Person born in this nakshatra are bit emotional but have lot of talents and do not want to hurt anybody. They become depressed easily but are lovable persons. Nakshatras had wider role as with the help of nakshatras , Vimshottari dasa is calculated which is standard dasa in astrology. With the help of nakshatras , match compatibility is being judged in Hindu Astrology.

Muhuratha are also fixed with the help of nakshatras and without nakshatras , Vedic astrology will not able to work. There are 7 planets and 2 Nodes in astrology and as this planets move in various houses and signs , they cast there affects based on the placement , functional nature and aspects they get from various planets.

Sun is the sign lord of Leo. Sun is the functional benefic planet for Aries and Sagittarius ascendant and works well for Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio ascendant too but in this ascendant, its results mainly depends upon its placement and aspects that is getting in the chart. Sun is functional malefic planet for Gemini , Virgo , Libra and for Pisces ascendant. Satrun is not yogakaraka. What else to look for? Chiranjiv Mehta. Regards, Krishna Get the freedom to save as many mails as you wish.

Click here to know how. Saturn's presence along with that of Jupiter is required for anything significant to take place. Here it may have helped create conditions for a new place of residence as it is lord of the 4th from the 4th i. Remember- a new house "born" means "end" of the old house. This is definitely erroneous. Hope this helps. Love and regards,Sreenadh. Dear Members,. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. How important is the avastha of a planet? Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts.

Guest guest. Report post. Posted March 30, I have read abt the avasthas of planets accdg to their age, vriddha, yuva and so on. I have listened to both traditional village astrologers who without having any sophisticated techniques like SJC people do, still manage to get some startlinlgy accurate predictions. He too has not mentioned the use of any type of planetary strength, leave alone the avasthas, in his first 40 classes, which is what I have heard upto, till date.

Can anyone here give a beginner like me, what is the use of planetary strengths and avasthas in actual predictions? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 31, Dear Mr. Planetary avastas are important for it indicates the strength of the planet.

॥ बृहत् पाराशर होरा शास्त्र ३४-४५॥

All this minor factors are considered in shadbal calculations. The strength of the planet gives an estimate of what you can expect from him during his dasha periods. In this group, there are NO sophisticated techniques, but plain methods as defined in the rishi ascribed classics. There are NO gurus or seniors who can boss you in this group, so long you do not mix the systems and follow minor etiquette related policies in the group.

Mars maturity age 27th birthday 28th year, will see a person developing more initiative and independence in their life. If a planet is afflicted in a chart, when it reaches maturity the full negative potential of that planet will be able to manifest. He too has not mentioned theuse of any type of planetary strength, leave alone the avasthas, inhis first 40 classes, which is what I have heard upto, till date. You rock. We do not understand what do you mean by planet's maturity.

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How do you apply it on a horoscope. Note we are following a conventional astrology in this group and hence would prefer your explanation on those parameters. Thanks Regards, Chandramouliswer.

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Date: Monday, 31 March, , AM Dear Nadi Research, You wrote: "As an example, if Saturn were badly placed in the 4th house of a horoscope, at the age of 36 a person will have some kind of emotional crisis or difficulties with property matters. Posted April 1, Dear Sir, Saturn's presence along with that of Jupiter is required for anything significant to take place. Transit may have affected other aspects- mother's health, Chest congestions etc. The extent of effect of transit depends on various other factors. But effect is surely there. Posted April 3, Dear Members, I do not know about 'Nadi Jyothisham' but the author of "Jataka Saraswathi' mentioned about Ages, Avasthas and also "Graha Samayamamulu"that is at the time of birth what each planet was doing.