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For ages, Eclipses have instantly ended wars, dethroned kings, and altered the reality of those who witness them. Their energy can carry through generations and deeply stir an individual.

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How can we be more in touch with this energy and move positively with its flow? This topic and many more are in today's episode. Take note of the awareness you find this week—its a glimpse the energy of will carry for months at a time. As Ominous as that may or may not sound…remember you have power over your reactions. You have the power to learn and grow For Show Notes and Links to this Broadcast go to astrologhub. But HOW does the magic work? This upcoming week will have you wishing upon a bright star Jupiter.

Twisted in a tug a war between emotions and common sense — followed by the high probability of projection before ending the week in a deep state of soul searching. There are fated seeds planted now! Astrology is everywhere…even in your body. Which never lies! Often focusing on the symptoms of the body and mind comes before the reason the symptoms exist… What if the focus was on releasing the pain or expression of the pain that we carry?

If you're curious about how something as simple as laughter can help you move energy, and face the shadow work we all love to avoid - this episode is for you!

Monday opens with a playful Gemini New Moon that has a lot to say. Which means this week also has an intense foreshadowing aspect leading to both the Full Moon in a few weeks and the following New Moon in Cancer. These are endings, these are opportunities. These are doorways and gateways Tune In to hear her life, death, and the re-birth path to becoming an Astrologer.

For Shownotes and links visit astrologyhub. Intermission anyone? After an intense week of abrupt changing winds initiating inspiration, endings, and beginnings you may be looking for a reprieve. This week begins with a sweet vibe! There's a chance of spicy romance and a tiny dose of regret mid-week as we move toward a Gemini New Moon! Did your heart race with emotions last week? This week, it will be your mind running a marathon. The messenger, Mercury, is moving into his home sign, hand and hand with the Sun.

Is too much information a good or bad thing? It depends on your perception. Keep in mind…your right is someone else's wrong.

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Are we compatible? I think so! Relationships are one of the leading topics Astrologers are asked to address. More often than not, what seek and what we find, are reflections of what is within. Today's guest is known for wisdom in the realm of relationships, the Romance Whisperer, Cindi Sansone-Braff. The planets are certainly playing a big game this week. We being the week with the urge create, find our ground, and end with the question of deception.

Not every Astrologer is the right fit for YOU. Our Senior Editor and Master Astrologer, Donna Woodell, and I go through the 5 essential steps you must take when considering an Astrologer for your next reading. Do you have Spring Fever? Early in the week, the goddess of love asks that we savor the moment.

Listen to this urge. By midweek an intense craving for a rush—touch of spontaneity, could turn your world upside down. Dramatic shifts such as these, usually promise that the cosmos are setting the stage for a new chapter. Tune in and listen to how Henry Seltzer'slove of Jungian psychological symbolism led him to astrology. This could bring a sensation of angst as you start out this week, but there's a way to work with this power. Use your time well and rewards are possible. What if there was a personal portal you could step through… and in this place, you could discover what's deeply ingrained in the DNA of your being?

There is! Tune in to discover new portals and concepts, rooted in ancient practices. Are you looking for a divine shot of inspiration? Something to kick-start a personal revolution? If so, get ready! Whether you loved or hated it—the intense, long season of emotional communication ends this week as Mercury emerges from the fog and blazes into Aries. Blunt communication within and without might question the obligations you have… Are they yours? An Interview with Astrologer, AstroLada. If she's new to you—you're in for a treat!

A quiet long Void of Course Moon start to the week that ends with a fire trine? Sounds lovely! Jupiter turning retrograde is the highlight of the week. Want to subscribe to The Astrology Hub Podcast? Connect with us on iTunes and leave us a review. Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, or TuneIn. If patience is NOT your virtue, you may find yourself at odds as the week launches with a long void moon.

Midweek feels a bit soggy as the God of Communication and Neptune meet for the 3rd time in recent weeks. Sensitivity is on the menu! It's best to let it go; there will be no excuses on Friday Astrology has an uncanny way of showing individuality and is found threaded through society since ancient times. Still feeling a little soggy?

Should you try? Maybe not yet!

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Your purpose in this universe unique. The fear you sense and the courage you clutch is something we all feel when we surrender to faith. In those times of trust, it is empowering to hear the path others have taken and what they honored on their journey. Astrologer Stormie Grace is a thriving example of how purpose guides you no matter how aware you are—and how awareness reveals the beauty in the pain and confusion.

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A karmic vibe dominates this week as the Equinox hand in hand with a Libra Full Moon takes center stage. This windfall of energy could leave you dazed and confused or making a play to claim what is yours. Either way, with a Scorpio Moon ending the week…tension lurks. The Full Moon is nearly here. With the Sun just moving into Pisces and Mercury having just past Neptune, both in Pisces, this is a time to address emotions, communicating them and sitting in them. Today we have a New Moon in Aquarius. Emotions will be hard to even identify let alone process.

Pallas is in Libra so equality and fairness will be highlighted I love this quote from a poem by Hanako Ishii because a lunar eclipse involves the Earth getting in between the Sun and Moon. This particular full Moon has a dis-empowering quality to it. Happy New Year again! This New Moon feels more like a new year than January 1st did. I also feel this is an important beginning that will carry us through the next couple of years. I felt like many times the fun got sucked right outta life. I felt like there was a price to pay for any levity and some days, that price did not feel like a bargain Happy New Year!

Mars is moving into its own sign this evening in this neck of the woods , and that means a fire will be lit under our butts. The full Moon is on us tomorrow but today is the Winter Solstice in this neck of the woods. Living in the northern part of the northern hemisphere, today is one of the best days of the year because it means the darkness is receding. The days will get a little longer- woo hoo! No offence to those who relish in the darkness. Good for you! I read several times this week that astrologically this would be the easiest week The New Moon phase is about beginnings.

Daydreaming may feel right, but too much of anything can get you into trouble. Are they serving you? The potential for over reacting and misreading situations is high. Instead of fighting the intense emotions by reacting unreasonable or perhaps, masking them with your escape of choice i.

This week is going to feel weird. It brings optimism, idealism, but also loud opinions and subjectivity. It will have the potential to be lighter for sure, but with three planets in their own signs it will feel like different areas of life are fighting for attention. It has lead to some real social grossness. I listened to a webinar put together by an organization for astrologers. It was well over a month ago- long before Venus went into its retrograde cycle. The topic was building your online presence or something of the sort. When I was a hair stylist I practiced this.

I never understood salons lying to clients when staff left, or trying to sabotage staff who moved on. In the end clients make their own decisions about what they need when and who they want to work with, no matter what the industry. This is an incredible Full Moon. The Moon is in a sign it loves to be in. These four are creating a square to the lunar nodes.

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To have the planetary ruler of the Moon involved in this special lunation phase magnifies the directive. Change is inevitable, so how can you weather it? First of all, like all full Moons- let go. This one carries extra punch. People have been hanging on for dear life ever since Uranus went into Taurus back in May. Eight key points, planets and a comet are all at early degrees- between 0 and 5- so if you have key placements in your chart at early degrees you may feel very overwhelmed at this time.

Because all of these things are in different elements and modalities the energy will be quite different depending on your individual chart. This can also be a very energized time. This is a big week astrologically. But what should you plan? The Sun and Moon will be in Virgo when they meet. At the time of the New Moon Venus will have just moved into Scorpio and will be opposing Uranus while Pallas, Saturn ad Uranus will be forming a grande trine at 2 degrees of the earth signs.

The other player is Pluto making a nice aspect to the Sun and Moon. So what does all that mean for you? What a busy weekend- astrologically speaking. I would normally interpret that as vivid and abstract dreams that feel really prophetic, and maybe this is how you experienced it. For me it was quite different: I have task master Saturn making a hard Aspect to my natal Uranus and Mercury.

Mercury rules our thinking and Saturn reminds us in my case incessantly these days what we need to be doing. The up swing is that I was up much earlier than usual, did laundry, dishes and wrote a blog post all before 8 AM. This is a last chance to let go of that foolish pride, and figure out how your ego is standing in your way. In the next weeks planets will start moving forward again, as will our lives, so having a plan will maximize the benefits of the coming shift.

The eclipse may have dug up some really intense emotional sludge and the New Moon later in the month will provide the opportunity for you to create a plan to move out of it. If approached from a healthy place, this can be an opportunity to put an emotional hurt around your individuality and independence to rest This is a very significant time for a lot of people.

Take a look at how your ego drives may be getting in your way of solid emotional analysis and self expression. Exaggerating the truth to get what you want might be tempting, but will most likely backfire This new Moon is more intense since the Sun and Moon directly oppose Pluto. The power in fragility is what we are being asked to work with and respect. Take time to stand in it- are your actions and beliefs in line with your goals and desires. Find what nourishes your soul and set intentions around that. We are letting things go, or should be, as we work to elevate ourselves beyond our current incarnation.

Transformation is not comfortable but is necessary to take us to the next step Happy Solstice! Enjoy my first set of Consult the Sky horoscopes as my solstice gift. Enjoy the Sun beaming through your sign. There may be more emotional introspection than even you care to partake in right now. With your responsibilities glaring at you from across the room, now is a good time to reassess how to approach being a grown-up. Trust me, re-framing how you want to be a responsible adult will have pay offs later I had a particularly crappy week. I finally realized the culprit again was Neptune ok, not just Neptune, but God that guy drives me nuts.

I was so fixated on my ascendant, I overlooked the fact the it was making a hard aspect to my natal Mars Photo by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita I was running my usual scan of Apps yesterday- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook- and saw a few references to this lovely grand water trine we were experiencing. This happens when we have planets at or close to the same degree and in all the signs of an element. So we can have grand Water, Fire, Earth or Air trines. Best Value! There are many methods to finding the King of your chart in western astrology, or what we would call Leader, Lord or ruler, but this time we venture into our first Vedic Astrology webinar.

Who is calling all the shots in your chart? Do you know that beyond the Sun, Moon and Rising sign, there is another show in your chart, alive and happening. It is literally the blueprint and the reigning theme of your life. Just before next Mercury retrograde — In this class, we will explore how to become intimately acquainted with Mercury. In pursuit of doing so, we will need to understand his cycles. By understanding his movements we understand where the conversation is at. When we become tuned to all he is trying to say to us, we learn profoundly what ideas to incubate, what ones to discard.

We fully become in tune with his hermetic teachings and our words become talismans. Finally, one of the most important lessons to be learned from this class is how to change your mind about the Mercury Retrograde.