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Wedding Numerology. Numerology To determine the Numerology Number of your Wedding Day: Simply add Married: June 12, (June = 6). 6+ 1+2+1+ .
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The website has both commercial and free software available. Further, custom software can be created to meet your exact requirements. If your marriage number adds up to a 3 then your very best day is a 3.

The Numerology of Wedding Dates

Your second best choice is a nine. The twelfth and the thirtieth of the actual month calendar are third best choices. If your marriage number adds up to a 4 then your best choices are dates that add up to a 1 or a 7. Your third best choices are either the thirteenth or twenty second of the calendar month.

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A marriage date is never considered lucky if it adds up to a 4 as it signifies poverty and bad luck. If your marriage number adds up to a 5 then you should get hitched on a date that adds up to a 9. The next best bets are the calendar dates of the fourteenth or the twenty third.

Numerology Life path 6 Astrology Secrets of the deep

If your marriage number adds up to a 6 then getting married right on a date that adds up to six is your best choice. Your second best choice is 9. It is also lucky for you to get married on the sixth, fifteenth or twenty-fourth day of the month. If your marriage number adds up to a seven your best complimentary marriage number is a date that adds up to a 1, followed by a 2.

The hard dates of the seventh, the sixteenth and the twenty-fifth of the month are also a good idea. If your marriage number adds up to an 8 then your luckiest number date is a 1. Your next luckiest is the seventeenth or twenty sixth of the month. A marriage number or the actual date of the eighth is still lucky but not as lucky as a 1. At that time it become very tough to approach you.

You plan for something but execute very lately, you need be careful about that. You always delay in launching your plans. Otherwise that may end up at missing some good opportunities. But, you become very committed once you have executed your plan. You should avoid this type of tendencies always.

If you do not any emotional number is not present in your numerology chart then the number 4 vibration makes you highly practical and theoretical minded and also care for any minute detail.

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In many cases, this number can make you very health conscious, exercise and sports oriented person. That is the reason you do well when you do something on a regular and repetitive schedules. You have a very unique tendency and promise to discipline what makes you excellent in finance sector. You are highly suited for high managerial and organizational positions. Numerology Number 4 Love life :.

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Number 4 vibration makes you the best life partner on the earth, but all 4s, the each number 4 are unique in this case, but yes overall dependable can be said. In case of relationships in maximum cases 4 energy will give you highly loyal, trustworthy, and dependable characteristics. You always try hard and also go through an endless effort to be in the good books of your partner.

Astrology Numerology for Person Born on December 6th

In relationships matters you always look at the future and long lasting aspects. But presence of an emotional vibration like number 2 in your numerology chart can give you an unstable and indecisive mind, which can make your life a disaster due to incapability in choosing the correct life partner at the proper time. At times you could be very difficult to approach for your partner due to your mood shifting. All these tendencies of you can put you in trouble in early stages of your relationship, but it becomes ok as time passes.

For relationships you are bit slow mover and it takes time to adopt your partner. In one word : the energy of Rahu — the master of complexity makes your relationship and mind so complex that sometimes may leads to separation. Numerology Number 4 Marriage Life :. As I said earlier that number 4 vibration gives unique and unconventional personality to each individual, especially as far as relationships are concerned, whether that is post or pre marital.

Generally most of number 4s are not romantic in nature, but some are. If you are one of those romantic fellows, then you are very much committed to your life partner and keep your energy always in family bonding without making your life complex.. But if you are not one of them then you may tend to make a lot of real-time relationships outside the marriage, here the motto is just to enjoy sex.

The reality about number 4 is that a very small percentage of them are loyal and dependable to their partners and value their family bonds. Now, you know better which group you belong to. If you belong to the second group, then it will be really difficult for your partner to catch you, because in that case you give full freedom to your partner to dominate you.