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Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail. By MELANIE REINHART. The Nodes of the Moon are in focus during the coming weeks, especially throughout August.
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For example, having Neptune on the South Node may mean that in the past the person have been:. Either way, each planet can unfold its influence in either enabling or disabling manner. It is worth mentioning that the South Node also stands for occult powers and forces of the Underworld.

The Dragons Head and Tail in the houses (old school interpretations)

The three factors that influence that:. In each of those cases carefully analyse what could the past mean. As with pretty much everything in astrology, the meaning can vary and will depend on many other factors. A good approach is to choose a certain direction for further exploration, for example, exploring your relationship with power, the notion of me versus them, the degree of idealism versus practicality, etc. The head as the seat of consciousness is responsible for making choices.

A trine—sextile configuration stands for benevolent help from the planet involved. Both aspects are harmonious and go well with the North Node symbolism and its nature of Jupiter. To briefly summarise the meaning of the nodes of the Moon in the context of fate and destiny :.

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The image of the dragon, especially as it is perceived in Asian cultures, brings the sense of vitality, magic and force that rules over each individual incarnation on this planet. It could be a wiser approach to embrace the dragon instead of trying to slay it. Very helpful! Am I understanding this correctly? Yes, you are right. The nodes are the intersection of the lunar orbital plane with the Sun-Earth orbital plane.

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This Wikipedia image provides a much better visual explanation:. I dont think lunars nodes work in real life. Lunars node comes from vedic astrology, and the adaptation to western system was senseless. The fact is that in western system you have to be the opposite of what you are to get rid of karma, but this is impossible, maybe the hardest thing someone can do. On vedic the person is already rahu oriented,dont need to change any thing. For some years i tried to put the aries north node in practice that is in conjunction with my aries rising , never worked, everytime i acted to be more independent and selfish, i suffered more and more bad consequences, the world dont tolerate this kind of atitude, people who run society want conformism and herd mentality.

It was even bad to my mental health to follow this thing of lunars node.

Digging Deeper: North Node in Scorpio

But in vedic system makes sense to me to have rahu in pisces in conjunct with the pisces rising of vedic system. Sorry the poor english, but, i hope you understand. Lunars node are senseless, people should not think about it. I am a male, just like to use nickname of blackmoon. And that is completely normal and expected. What is needed is a transpersonal standpoint that allows to accept nuances and irregularities, an approach that avoids conflicts of views and broadens the perception of this world. This world and the creation are truly endless! Tiamat is a goddess of creation and chaos, a force that could, be thought of, as corresponding with eclipses and their consequences.

Of huge significance to the development of astrology, was the Library of Alexandria, home to important documents and texts from throughout the known world. It is here that Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian astral lore merged and united. The astrology we currently use, the meanings of the planets, signs and aspects were established during this time. The astrology of Persia and India were also part of this amalgamation and transference of knowledge. In Vedic astrology the nodes are viewed as a vast celestial Dragon, explained in a mythological tale. The story of the creation of Rahu and Ketu begins with amirita, the magical nectar that granted immortality to the gods and their enemies, the demons, becoming scarce.

Amrita could be found deep within the Cosmic Ocean, but to obtain it the gods and demons had to work together. They used the world mountain to churn the Cosmic Ocean, eventually the amirita appeared. Vishnu, the preserver and protector of the cosmos, took the form of a beautiful woman called Mohini, who called on the gods and demons to each form a line to recieve the amrita. A dragon like demon, called Svarbhanu, disguised himself and slipped into the line of the gods, between the Sun god, Surya, and the Moon god, Chandra.

The Sun and Moon cried out, but Svarbhanu had already sipped some amrita. Mohini vanished as soon as she reached the end of the line of the gods, denying all the demons immortality, except Svarbhanu.

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Of course Rahu and Ketu were both angry with the Sun and Moon, and seeking revenge, eternally chases them through the heavens, occasionally swallowing them. Both Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic. Rahu is concerned with the material world, and represents cravings and desires for worldly success. These compulsions can overwhelm our essential self. Rahu can bring material wealth and power, but very little happiness or contentment with these gains, due to Rahu being greedy and insatiable in his hungererings.

Rahu is only a head, he never becomes full.

Rahu in Astrology – Dragon’s Head

Ketu is concerned with the spiritual world. Notably, in my opinion, White also carries on the Persian-Arabic tradition of dichotomizing the nature of the Nodes; they are either all-bad or all-good. White believes the progressed Node to be most powerful of all, interestingly; the progressed North Node hitting your natal Midheaven, in fact, might bring you a life-changing opportunity previously denied to you.

When it comes to interpretation of the Nodes, the most potent source for additional layers of meaning were to be found in India, where, due to the upsetting nature of watching an eclipse again, imagining, with the mind of someone alive on the planet a long time ago, that either the Moon is in shadow or the Sun has a big black spot on it , both of the Nodes became associated with malefics Mars and Saturn. Now, as soon as you mention India, of course, you get into this huge and hugely applicable, when it comes to the Nodes, which rely on the location of the ecliptic for their accuracy discussion about the supremacy of the Tropical zodiac over the Sidereal.

Obviously, what with the precession of the equinoxes and all, you have to use the Vedic system if you want truly accurate placements. This was particularly true in India, where religious beliefs were interwoven with the kind of metaphysics that the system of astrology could easily absorb and be integrated with. Finally, if you want to try to construct your own astrological chart based on the Nodes, the Draconic chart, while having a lot of mythic-fairy-dust sprinkled over it, exists to challenge the meaning of the traditional Nodal axis as well as the natal chart itself.

Explanations of how to begin exist in many places, but here are a few to try. By the way, if you find any evidence that Draconic astrology is, in fact, older than the Babylonians, I hope you will let me know. Your research on this subject was very deep and thorough, and it is greatly appreciated.

Head and Tail of the Dragon : The Lunar Nodes | The Classical Astrologer

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm. It makes the time I put into this and the research worthwhile. If you are good then you will know what I need help with. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Introduction to movement of Rahu

This is why I have a website! As with anything to do with astrology, a theory is only useful if it works for you, but the theory behind how the Nodes function in the chart is based on thousands of years of history, observation, and study. What Are The Nodes, Precisely? Theories of the origin of the Lunar Nodes are as old as astrology itself.