Leo weekly horoscope from 6 december 2019

This is great for you financially and personally. Your relationships with relatives improve, and auspicious events are frequent. Your calendar.
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This week, you might still carry on the social bug from the holiday festivities. Don't let it throw you for a loop. Is there a way to mix business and pleasure? Perhaps attending happy hours after work so you can network and see friends at the same time will do well for you. Yes, this is your year, Gemini. If you want to make a love commitment, guess what? You can.

Commitmentphobia may not be here to stay after all.

Leo Monthly Horoscope | Jessica Adams

Just after the first of this month, you might want to start putting your ideas into check. Write down what you really want in a partner, and what you don't.

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Then, aim for that goal. This area can improve as well. Be the partner you wish you had and influence your marriage in a positive way. This may mean you're more intuitive and emotionally sensitive than usual.

Leo Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope December 31 - January 7 2019

Not weeping and mourning, but in the sense of empathy and goodwill towards others. Your nurse nature will shine through. You may be helping a friend through a tough time or simply being there for someone. Use this time to connect with your own weakest emotions. Fill those nooks and crannies with good books, meaningful quotes, and the positive energy of a friend who loves you. Leo, this week you have so much to do.

It's been one hell of a December, hasn't it? All play and lots of work. You've combined the two in the most amazing way to end with a bang!

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  • But now it's time to get down with the people and confront your inner desires in external ways. If you've been meaning to put out resumes or fill out applications for some kind of program, there's no better time than now. Virgo, you organized and planned until you couldn't take it anymore, right? There's never too much neatness around for a Virgo, but now it's time to organize your schedule. Have you gotten all those little things you wanted to get done as far as paperwork goes?

    You can be sure to handle paperwork like a champ this week thanks to Capricorn, your earth energy soulmate. Make 'don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today' your motto for this week. Libra, your keyword this week is love. You'll be harmonizing more with your loved ones so expect sentimental moments aplenty. If you've never scrapbooked and have tons of digital photos to organize, this week is a great week for that. You might want to invite someone over for some wine and a walk down memory lane. Another great activity for your sign this week involves finances. Don't cringe.

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