Pisces horoscope born october 20

People born on October 20th have an intense up and down story to tell, constantly thrown from change to change until they discover stable grounds within.
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Especially lovely and empathetic energy is flowing as you find yourself reflecting on what you want in your relationships.

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The moon in Pisces illuminates the communication sector of your chart today, Capricorn, inspiring a gentle energy around connecting with others. The moon in Pisces finds you reflecting on your finances as well as other resources, like your time and energy. You have a lot to offer the world—but not always for free!

The moon is in your sign today, Pisces, so make time to nourish yourself emotionally and physically: Catch up with your best friends, cuddle with someone you love, and dream up plans for future travels. The moon in Pisces finds you in a sleepy mood today, Aries, so get some rest. Emotions that you may have previously denied are resurfacing, and today is a healing time to address them. The moon in Pisces encourages you to connect with your friends and to network today, Taurus. The moon connects with your ruling planet Venus, which is currently retrograde, encouraging reconnection between you and your partners.

The moon in imaginative Pisces is helping you dream up wildly creative things today, which will help push you forward in your career. They can be drawn into tempestuous love affairs that seem doomed to fail. The past is not a place that October 20 people feel comfortable visiting. There may have been a great deal of tension and unrest in their home. It is important to get past their shame about those days. Having children can be a big step, but before they can be effective parents they need to reconcile their image of themselves.

It isn't easy for October 20 men and women to adhere to a strict health program. The key to keeping fit is to commit to an exercise program that includes power walking, aerobics, and weight-training. A mind-body discipline can be helpful in maintaining emotional and physical equilibrium.

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People born on this date have a hard time deciding on a career because they have many choices open to them. They need to observe. After weeks, if not months, of trying to avoid what you feared would be serious battles, events are forcing you to take a stance.

The irony is, speaking your mind will be a relief but, even more, those whose attitude has worried you most are being unexpectedly receptive, and are eager to discuss solutions. You may not be in the mood to break away from familiar, if not reassuring, habits. Take it slowly. As an enthusiastic and, often, impetuous, fire sign you long ago learnt that not everybody enjoys a surprise.

While you actually delight in the unexpected, others dread it. Yes, you understand the need to gather your facts and think through plans before doing anything.

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That waiting period is over. No sign is better at handling difficult people than Aquarius. Out of character as ignoring the matter in question may be, do exactly that. This will clear your mind and lead to amazing insights. By no means are you a rebel. While, usually, that works, your birthday chart accents the importance of confronting the actual situation or individuals involved.

And, of perhaps greater importance, you could even get others thinking about their approach to such matters. Ironically, while some are very complex indeed, others are so simple they can be resolved in a single discussion. Long ago, you learnt not to argue with those whose minds are closed to change or new ideas. Not only is that unlikely, these discussions could end badly. Back off. For now, the answer is nothing.

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Wait and watch. However, you long ago learnt that experience is the best teacher, so backed off. But you must be patient. Let them come to you. Once those changes are clear, the rest will be easy. This may be the time to take them to the next stage. Those around you describe you as fearless. However, most are unaware of the combination of discussion, research and reflection that precedes taking action. However, many confuse making critical comments with this. Be particularly aware of such remarks, because some of those could be aimed at you.

These issues are giving them an excuse to challenge certain otherwise uncooperative individuals.

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Be bold. Only after that should you even think of talking over your most recent ideas.

Life in the fast lane is fun. Some differences can be negotiated with a combination of tact and clever thinking. Try to overcome that. While in some cases this will be a relief, others are rousing anxieties. Still, plunge in. In this case, you might even suggest discussing them now.

The odds are good others are as eager as you are to tackle, and deal with, any issues. Venus, the planet of charm and persuasion, has just moved into the most strategic portion of your chart.

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  • Still, the resulting insights will justify the patience required. Long ago you learnt how unwise it is to ignore what you feel about questionable matters and, equally, what you sense about certain individuals. However, when you state you intend to think about something, you mean exactly that. Ideally, this will focus on certain beliefs or convictions that, in fact, need to be updated.

    This birthday is about, first, viewing these from a very different if not revolutionary angle. Initially, you may be anxious. Being a resilient Aries, you may have been unaware the impact of pivotal issues or misunderstandings.

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    Talk them through. With patience, they can be resolved. Unfortunately, not everybody has the same philosophy of life, which means certain individual are behaving badly to you and others. Say nothing. Last week Mars, the planet of courage and action, moved into the part of your chart that has to do with those people and projects that are dear to your heart. This has triggered discussions if not clashes about certain increasingly tricky issues. Many Cancerians are aware of their tendency to recall past issues and, on occasion, allow them to overshadow existing arrangements.

    Discuss these frankly. Still, go. Long ago, you leant to curb your tendency as a Virgo to criticise certain individuals for their carelessness or inattention to details. Busy yourself with other things. You are, but remain concerned the basis on which any agreement is made could shift, which would complicate matters. Still, in such matters, the first step is often the most challenging.