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If Today is Your Birthday: November Seventeenth. Personality Profile for People Born on November 17 The Astrology & Numerology of your Birthday have been limiting your growth, you begin to feel lighter, more free, and decidedly more outgoing. . love to read, but life is only positive approach and not turnig back.
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Whatever the nature of the compromise, you have convinced yourself that greater satisfaction is found in placing interests of others above your own. This rightfully earns you great respect from others, however the downside is that you can become overly dependent on the satisfaction you get from helping others. There could also be a bit of an exaggeration happening as well, you may experience tendency to over-identify with the concerns of others and in that neglect your own interests and psychological growth in the process.

Early in your life you are quite intrigued to take chances, however later on in life you take a turn to a safer, progressive, determined and serious approach to life. You also begin to put more emphasis to friendship and independence. It is however extremely relevant for you to keep connected to your emotions. Keep in mind your psychological growth is closely related to your emotional expression, and further more important for unlocking outstanding potential for success and happiness. You are charming, romantic, intelligent and compassionate, and for that reason you are always surrounded by admirers.

You should take your time and exercise good judgment rather than be a pushover, and give more than taking in a relationship. You really need to find the right person for you, one who really has a great big heart, and can show the love and care at you so persistently you can not refuse it, but also at the same time give you freedom to explore life without any pressures. When it comes to your health you really need to prioritize your time for yourself.

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It is extremely important you have the time to relax and connect with yourself. That will help your mind to stop racing and become overloaded with the stress. Diet is very important part of the healthy outlook on life, especially as proper healthy, nutritious food rich with minerals and vitamins supports balance of hormones as well as maintains strong immune system and with that also help the body to feel light and free of pain or irritation, which absolutely supports mental state as well. You have a soft spot for partners who mirror your personality. Such individuals are attractive, reliable, sensitive, and enthusiastic.

You are able to relate to these natives quite well. Moreover, they appreciate your eccentric lifestyle. The more active Scorpio tends to fall in and out of love with a high regularity. As such, you are likely to interact with many partners in a relatively short time. While this can be quite exciting, it has some major flaws.

For example, this kind of lifestyle is wrought with many heartbreaks and disappointments. This is not good for your health. With this in mind, take measures to mitigate such eventualities. Being charming and dependable, you have a host of admirers.

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Thus, you cannot lack for the right choice of partner. This is a blessing. You should handle it with care. As such, take your time in choosing a mate. Those born under the Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus zodiacs are a perfect match for you. You have a lot in common with them. Thus, your compatibility levels are very high. The planetary alignment strongly warns against your romantic involvement with a Libra.

This means that your relationship with them would not last. We strongly advise against it!

November 17 Zodiac Sign

November 17 zodiac people are a force to reckon with. Your strong will enables you to push through any kind of obstacle that anyone could place on your way. True to the spirit of Scorpio, you are driven to uplift the less privileged in society. For this reason, you are heavily involved in works of charity in your locality.


People born on November 17 are self-aware. You have no doubts in your mind about who you are, where you are headed, and what you need to do. In addition, you are highly inquisitive.

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You can use this to add much value wherever you go. You see, inquisitiveness and good observation skills go hand in hand.

As such, you are keen to capture even the smallest of details in any situations. This means that you can help avert any problems before they occur. Such a skill is highly valued as an asset in any setting. However, you have a few things that you need to cut out from your personality. These flaws will derail your progress unless you handle them firmly. For example, you tend to be too controlling.

You believe that your plans are the only valid ones and that everyone needs to follow them. Now, this may not augur well for team spirit. Also, you suffer from some unexplained fear from your past. This impedes you from making the right decisions regarding your present and future.

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Face up to your fears. You deserve to live your life to the fullest! All in all, you have what it takes to move to the next level. Learn to embrace who you are. Pamper yourself every now and then. Learn to relax when you should. You share the November 17 birthday with many people from around the world. Here are five such people:. November 17 zodiac people belong in the 3rd decan of Scorpio.

You are in the same category of those born between November 13th and November 21st. The Moon plays an instrumental role in your life. As such, you display the outstanding characteristics of this celestial body.

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For example, you are mysterious, determined, and emotional. You have a high standard of grooming, you are keen to ensure that you are well kept and that your environment is spic and span. This attention to details is a good proof of your high intelligence. The November 17 birthday stands for dependability, spirituality, ambition, and strong will. Go ahead and employ these qualities wisely.