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She has been published in national newspapers and international academic journals, and has been a speaker on literary and social concerns at several major national and international platforms. Assamese reformers S an k ardeva and his disciple Mad h avd e va oc c upy a significant posit i on in the 15th- and 16th-century socioreligious his t o r y of Assam. By developing literary and performative forms like Sat tr iya N ri t ya, they l e d the social and cultur a l ren a issan c e in med i ev a l Assam. The Sat t riya tradition — born out of the neo - V a ishnavi t e Bh a kti mov e ment and ushered in by Sankardeva in Assam — w as consolidated, pursued and pr e served in the sattra s Vaishnavite monasteries of Assam.

It has be c ome synonymous with the cultur a l id i om of the Assamese people. Its re t elling of m y thical and rel i g ious sto r ies, throu g h h and ge stur e s, f oo t steps and fa c i al e x pr e ssions, ensures that reli g ious lore a nd m y tholo g y , in the pro ce ss, not just b e c o me part o f th i s traditio n but a re in te g r ated in the dai l y lives and b e li e fs of sattras where Sattriya Nritya was originally conceived and practised. Mati akhara s exercises performed on the ground are the foundation of Sat t riya dance. These exercises are designed such that they train the dancers in particular aspects of the dance form.

Sat t r iya has two per f orm a tive s t y les— paurash i k bhangi or purushor naach mas c uline s t y le Fig. Wh ile the fo r mer is vigorous, incorporating energetic jumps and acrobatics, the latter compri s es l asya , or delic a te m o vements of bo d y and limbs. P urushor na ac h inclu d es Kri s hna n r i tya or Go s ain p rabeshar naac h , la w anu suri n r it y a , na d hubhangi, sutr a dhaari n aach and ge e tor n aac h.

Prakritir naach includes sali n aach , gopi n aach , raasor naac h , et c. T raditional l y, Sattriya Nritya w a s restricted to the precincts of sattra and was per f orm e d on l y b y t h e keuliya bha k ats ce l ibate V a ishnavite monks as p a rt of their d ai l y ri t ualist i c pr a c tic e s o r to ma r k the festivities of the monastery.

However, the dance form is now per f orm e d on publi c platforms b y both men and women who need not be inhabitants of sattras. Sattriya per f orm a n c e s are mos t l y based on composi t ions sourced from the Bhaga v ata Purana and epics b y S an ka r a d e va and Madh a vd e v a. They usually tell s tories of Radha and K r ishna or episodes from Ram a yana and Mahabharata. T he costumes used in Sattriya N ri t ya are of two kinds, related to the masculine and feminine aspects of the dancers.

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The male costume comprises the dhoti tr a ditional g arment wrapped around hips b y m e n and paguri turb a n , while the f e male costume consists of the ghuri skirt , ka n chi w a ist cloth and an uroni customary manti l la worn over the he a d. T r aditional l y , these costumes w e r e made of r aw si l k in white , b l ue and y e l low, dep e ndi n g on the dan c e performed. As the dance form moved out of the sattras and silk was no longer affordable, velvet and satin became the choice of fabric for attires during public performances. The mo t ifs on the g arments are As s amese heritage des i g ns such as k ingkhap , k alka , mir i and gasa.

Sat t riya N ritya also includes play-specific costumes. For example, artists performing K rishna n ri t ya a n d nadhubhangi nri t y a wear a y e llow and blue dhoti, while artis t s p er f or ming sutradhari n ri t ya, jhumura nri t ya a n d most of prakitir naach wear a white-colour e d costume. Members of the sat t ra are further div i ded in t o de k a adhikar d e pu t y t o the he a d , bha k ats r esiding in the sattra p r e c incts a n d the sisya disciples.

Offerings to the deity are offered through the fire.

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Connecting to the cosmic intelligence through fire ritual and to avert any hindrances in life and to bestow tremendous peace and success in life, Navagraga Homa is conducted. With Navagraha homa not only the doshas with the body but the space in which the ritual happens and the people who attend the ritual will all be benefited and blessed. Through this homa when done as a personal spiritual practice, the energy is brought from the nirvanic to the physical layer through all subtle layers and radiate.

This homa ritual not only helps in spiritual growth but with the offerings it radiates and heals the space and the others who attend this fire ritual. The following is the brief explanation about each graha and its influence on human kind. Surya Sun Surya or Sun is the most powerful living God - whom everyone can see, perceive and pray.

Presiding deity of this planet is God Siva. Sun bestows good health and prosperity. Chandra Moon Moon is the planet, which rules over mind and gives success. Chandra or Moon is a lovable God - Pleasing to the children as well as elders, universally appealing to everyone whatever may be the religion. Goddess Parvathi rules the planet.

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Moon is considered as very important planet for astrological predictions. The Moon, at the time of birth is found in a particular star and it will be taken as the star of the person born. Kuja Mars Mars is the planet, which gives prosperity and wealth. Angaraka or Mars is regarded as a God of martial character, red in every aspect. Even the Romans held him as their Guru. He is the Son of Earth and is ruled by Lord Subramanya.

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Bhudha Mercury Mercury is the planet which gives knowledge. Bhudha or Mercury is considered as the greatest among the wise. This Devata bestows wisdom and wealth on his devotees. He is ruled by Lord Maha Vishnu.


Guru Jupiter Jupiter gives education and knowledge. Brihaspati is the Guru Jupiter. He grants the boon of fatherhood to the childless, good education Vidya. He is ruled by Lord Dakshinamurthy. Sukra Venus Venus gives the knowledge of art, music etc. Sukra or Venus is the bestower of long life, wealth, happiness, children, property and good education. He is ruled by Goddess Mahalakshmi. Sani Saturn Saturn gives happiness. Saniswara or Saturn, is generally known to affect one adversely on occasions when he occupies certain positions in one's horoscope. A prayer to him, especially on Saturdays, is said to mitigate the hardships one will have to face during these periods.

Saniswara is considered equally a bestower of all benefits to the devotees who pray sincerely to him. He is ruled by Lord Yama. Rahu Ascending node of the Moon Rahu makes the life stronger. Rahu is instrumental in strengthening ones power and converting even any enemy into a friend.

Ketu Descending node of the Moon Kettu brings prosperity to the devotee's family removes the effect of bad, illness arising out of poisonous matter entering one's body. He grants good health, wealth and all round prosperity. Worship the ruling deity Lord Shiva 2. Recite Aditya Hrudayam stotra daily or Gayatri Mantra daily.

Recite the surya stotra: Java kusuma sankasam kashyapeyam mahadutim Tamorim Sarva paapghnam pranatosmi Divakaram 5. Charity: Donate wheat, or sugar candy on Sunday. Fasting day: Sundays. Worship the ruling deity Gouri. Recite Annapoorna stotram. Japa of Moon's moola mantra: "Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah", times in 40 days. Recite the Chandra stotra: Dadhi Shankha tushaarabham ksheero darnava sambhavam Namaami shashinam somam shambhor mukuta bhushanam 5. Charity: Donate cow's milk or rice on Monday.

Fasting: On Mondays. Pooja: Devi pooja on Monday. Rudraksha: Wear 2 mukhi Rudraksha. Budha For Budha or Mercury related problems and during his dasa and antardasa: 1. Worship Lord Vishnu. Recite Vishnu sahasranama stotra. Japa of the Budha beeja mantra: " Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah" , times in 40 days. Charity: Donate Udad dal on Wednesday. Fasting: On Wednesdays. Pooja: Vishnu pooja. Wear a 10 mukhi Rudraksha.

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Guru For Guru or Jupiter related problems and during the dasa or antardasa of Guru: 1. Worship Lord Shiva. Recite Sri Rudram.

Japa of the Guru beeja mantra: " Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah " , times in 40 days. Donate: Saffron or turmeric on thursday. Fasting: On Thrusdays. Pooja: Rudrabhishekam. Wear a 5 mukhi rudraksha.