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Virgo, will start off with some major developments for your love life! for most single Virgos it will happen closer to the end of the year at the December 26 .
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The 19th February which is the day Mercury meets Neptune planet of insight, creativity and all things hidden and mysteries is also the day you have a full Supermoon in your 1st. Expect this to illuminate just who or what this is for you Virgo. Some of you could see the emergence of an important new relationship. Others could take an existing one to the next level. And also an invitation to explore new possibilities and to ditch anything that restricts you. Are you ready to accept it? Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck and over-the-top abundance, will spend most of in your 4th of home, homeland, family, security and your sense of place.

But where exactly is that, Virgo? Jupiter always wants to expand so chances are you will be expanding your living quarters — be it upgrading to a larger home or apartment or extending your present one. Your family may expand too — especially given the aspects in your 5th at the start of the year. Jupiter also rules foreigners and far away destinations.

Relocating not just to another part of town but to another area or even to another country entirely, is possible with Jupiter in here. The fact is, if there is a place that has a claim on your soul, now is the time to acknowledge that and do whatever it is in your power to relocate there. Please remember — and I say this to all signs. Jupiter is not Santa Claus.

Do whatever you can to bring that about but you may be pleasantly surprised at the heaven-sent assistance you receive if you do. Some of you may manage to get your foot on the property ladder if you have been trying to buy your own home. You may receive help from a family member. Even if you are just renting at this. If you are looking to make extra money from your home, as Jupiter does rules travel and foreigners, and if you have the space, becoming an Airbnb host could just be one option for you. You may benefit from whoever crosses your threshold in extraordinary ways and expect the world to come knocking on some level.

Uranus entered here briefly last year before turning retrograde and heading back into your 8th again.

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From March 6, it re-enters your 9th for good — or should I say for the next seven years. You have never experienced Uranus in here before and most likely will not again in this lifetime. So, what can you expect? The answer with Uranus is always: the unexpected.

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Opportunities to travel, to learn, to experience the world in a new way are designed to bring benefits. The key to any Uranus transit is to be flexible and not get attached to plans or routines.

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Now, some of this may be difficult for you Virgo as after all, you are the sign of routines and responsibilities. Uranus provides us with the slap to the side of the head metaphorically speaking of course that changes our perspective for good. What we thought worked for us now no longer does. Or we get to see this was never our idea in the first place and go out there to experiment to find what is. If your worldview has become limited, Uranus will send you a wider one but in a totally unorthodox way. If you have become stuck in that rut, Uranus will shock you out of it. Windfalls, golden opportunities, sheer blind luck, more money, unexpected journeys and experiencing people and places you have only ever dreamed of are all promised by Uranus in your 9th.

Like Bilbo Baggins Uranus knocks on your door and invites you on an adventure. Answer the call. This may be your best travel guide now. Your birthday season this year comes laden with a potential you may not have experienced for a very long time. Mars and Venus will arrive in your 1st ahead of the Sun on the 23rd. You have one of the most powerful days to attract whatever it is you desire for the upcoming year the following day 24th when Venus and Mars meet.

Look to your desires and also your ability to receive. Is your channel open?

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What do you believe is possible for you? Are you still operating under any limitations? If so, time to ditch them as this energy is now building up and about to peak opening up a clear path between you and your desires. Ruler Mercury enters here on the 29th while the Moon in here on the 30th falls conjunct the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. What we see occurring next is a cascading matrix of pure potential that has not happened before. The New Moon will trine Uranus marking the start of a new cycle of personal freedom and exploration. An pivotal.

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You will not have experienced anything like this before. And what this is could start to make itself known between the first and second weeks of September when Mercury makes powerful aspects between Neptune 7th and Pluto 5th. You could see those dreams and desires take actual form now — perhaps a human one as this could be yet another star-lighted period for relationships for you in As a Mercury-ruled sign we cannot talk about the year ahead without touching on those times when your ruler engages in its regular retrograde activity and mayhem rules on a very personal level if you are not prepared.

The dates to watch out for are 5 — 28 March, July — when we are in major retrograde weather with not just your ruler going backwards but four other planets. And finally November 1 — By now, you should know the Retrograde Rules by heart. Please also bear in mind the Retrograde Shadow applies to you — perhaps more than other signs except for Gemini that other Mercury ruled one. Retrograde Shadow lasts until Mercury direct has passed beyond the point in the sky where it headed backwards.

So think of this as another three weeks where Mercury has yet to gain traction and act as if it were still retrograde. The end of the year will see Jupiter exit your 4th and enter your 5th. Your desire for freedom to express yourself and to experience the world will continue to grow as will your creativity, capacity for enjoyment and curiosity. What else is out there? What have you yet to do, to experience or explore? Moon : Aries — That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed.

Moon : Taurus — The slow and steady race is the path to abundance. Sun : Virgo — Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive. Moon : Gemini — Choices and karma go hand in hand. Moon : Cancer — Nurturing others nurtures your soul. As a Scorpio, Christine Beswick is a natural empath, using her watery emotional side to bring you the astrology answers you need to find abundance. Next Article.

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Did you enjoy this article? Please share it with your friends! So, take a moment and bask in the glory of this time where you can be super happy and enjoy the company of others in your life. Taurus, you are in a position of sacrifice.

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You have to make some hard decisions so that you can keep progressing forward in life. You may even need to take a minute and step back and rethink your choices. This isn't a time to do anything rash or hasty. Gemini, you are a very strong person. You handle every situation that is thrown at you with ease and efficiency. So, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, but you are super strong and can adapt to any situation you will encounter.

You are one of the most important people out there because you have the ability to see the good in everyone and even in yourself. You may feel like you are stuck in a cycle that is never-ending and that it's not bringing any type of fulfillment into your life. Yes, it can make you feel stuck and that you cannot shake off these feelings, but you have to take control of your emotions and your actions so that you can put yourself on a path that you want to go down.

Virgo, you are a star. You are someone's very special guiding light. You help bring others out of the darkness and find who they really are. You are so important that you continue to aid others but don't forget to let your inner star guide yourself to where you want to be. This will happen when you figure out how to take back control of your life through strength and willpower.

The biggest point of this card is that you have to stay confident, focused, and determined to work through every obstacle that comes in your way. Scorpio, it is imperative for you to start making plans for the future. You need to make the plans and then put those plans into action.

You are ready. This card symbolizes the idea that you need to open your horizons because if you keep your mind open, you will have better opportunities come your way.