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Why use asteroids? Because in modern astrology, we always did. Long before Pluto was discovered in , Ceres was found on 1st January.
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Tyl forums are a part of the main Noel Tyl. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: Welcome to the new Noel Tyl Forums. Home Help Search Login Register. Lura Guest. Vulcanus, [per Eileen N. Native American language has the verb as its starting point, yet allows for the infinite. Gypsies value their freedom, so they hold fiercely to their ambiguity in expression.

Women do not easily give up their 'hurting' ones, easily. Gypsum, his Scorpio Sun opposite Vulcanus. A power point. For some reason, I feel 'aneurysm' - a new rise 'em, rhyzome, a 'new reason,' echoes. Perhaps, with the stomach feature, I could be more than the "lust of electron to proton" Starhawk and become an enzyme, with its "lock and key" chemical function.

Prudence Neusink, she fancies those progressed Eclipses Eileen says when Zeus hits her, astrologically, she becomes more playful. The word 'Love' comes under Leo, concern to Libra too. Leo also rules art and artist.

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Augustin' Lara became one in Noel mentions Rudhyar's book as key, a "seminal wash" for the pivotal change in Astrology and how it is viewed. Maslow's 'Hammer Time. Not everyone can be bilirubin.

THE POWER OF LOVE - How to find HUSBAND / WIFE through ASTROLOGY - JUNO, asteroid of Marriage.

Vesta in Gemini focuses on conveying information through writing, so communication is particularly important to these people for a fulfilling sexual relationship. They must be wary of their thoughts dominating their feelings though and they must stay in their body during their intimate times because staying in their head will ruin these experiences.

Vesta in the fourth suggests a family who expect the Vesta person to take excessive responsibility and to work for the family, even to sacrifice oneself like the maiden aunt. So with Saturn inconjuncting Vesta there is an excessive expectation on the part of the family to feel that the offspring should feel obliged to take on family responsibilities.

So a Vesta in the 4th house will be just as enmeshed as a Moon-Neptune aspect. If the subject does not jump in to be dominated and vampired by family responsibility not the family will alienate the individual and cast them out. And with Saturn in Scorpio the standards of perfection are intense and obsessive. The healthy approach here is one of confrontation of the self and casting out parental psychological expectations or parents living vicariously through their offspring. They need to seem responsible to others as a badge of merit. They need to feel respected and they desire acknowledgement as an authority figure who has impossibly high standards.

As a result of teetering on this self-imposed pinnacle the subject feels lonely and isolated from normal people. I know Leandra well and she is highly intelligent, an experienced counsellor, sociologist and an experienced astrologer and yet her seemingly innocent Vesta—Saturn quincunx was the source of many problems, but it was also an echo of similar behaviours and situations. She had a Sun-Chiron in Capricorn in the 11th house and this manifested as a woman who desperately wanted real friends, but she always had very few, except for four years she had lived on an island community and she had to leave there to educate her daughter.

So this was also a lonely, workaholic aspect. She worked to support her daughter and because it was an unconscious copy of her workaholic ancestors.


Her Sun quincunxed her Pluto which meant that unconsciously she felt unwanted and she felt she had to justify her worth by working too hard. Her father had compared her relentlessly to her sisters Vesta in Gemini quincunx Saturn in the 9th so I did not matter how many university degrees she had, she could not win. She was a mere teacher, even though she had a doctorate, but one of her sisters was a professor and the other a lawyer who owned her own huge business.

She had Mars in Pisces and she was always helping others and with Mars quincunx Pluto in the 6th she was verging on obsessively helping others who posed as friends, but they used her. This over-kindliness was an echo of the co-dependent Vesta-Saturn. Her Mars also quincunxed her Neptune in Libra so she could not see her own illusions clearly.

Her mother also constantly compared her to her sisters and over the years it became worse. Unfortunately she became more and more anxious and more ill because she never stopped trying to prove herself to her critical parents with their severe, unreachable standards Hygeia semi-sextile [inconjunct] Saturn.

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  7. And then she became deaf in She could no longer work in the positions she had been used to. She had used all her money educating her daughter and had saved nothing. What transits were happening? Transiting Pluto sat on her North Node. Transiting Uranus squared her north node, which meant she had to stop her old South Node in Cancer Great Mother behaviour. No more helping others. Her daughter had grown up and left home.

    by Ed Peterson (author of the book Numerology: the practical science)

    Transiting Pluto semi-sextiled her natal Venus and natal Mercury and without work and not even enough money to survive on her self-esteem plummeted T Pluto inconjunct Venus and obviously the transiting Pluto affecting her Mercury meant a death of her old methods of communication and her career as a teacher-communicator. Transiting Uranus square her nodes meant an awakening, a sudden shock or chaos. It also meant she could fall back on her talent as an astrologer. But no, she went back to being a helper and she became a carer for an invalid relative and the outcome was chaos; financial chaos and Leandra being the target of more abusive behaviour.

    She had not woken up. But at this time she had finally consolidated her skills and qualifications as a clairvoyant-energy healer which with her natal Hygeia conjunct Moon in her 8th house she may be able to earn money. In December she had a Saturn return. This triggered off her Vesta- Saturn and Saturn-Hygeia inconjuncts.

    She finally gained a disability pension after three tries. She began writing wonderful books with her clairvoyant abilities and her travels and articles. Transiting Neptune was very close to her ascendant and at last she had enough money to survive, not thrive, but at least she was no longer starving. By late transiting Uranus was opposing her Moon and Pluto was squaring her Libra Moon in the 8th. Her health had severely degenerated from constant verbal abuse. Her digestive system had broken down and she became excessively thin and in constant pain. By the end of the old woman died and left Leandra enough money so that she was not in constant danger of losing her house to the bank.

    She finally woke up in late Uranus had moved into her second house and her self-esteem improved hugely. A few months before the old lady died she suddenly refused to see her. This triggered off two natal quincunxes, two natal squares and one natal opposition. She had stopped working excessively. Her health had begun to improve. She began going out with a man for the first time in many, many years.

    Transiting Saturn conjuncted her natal Venus. She found that life and love could be fun. Both Chiron and her sun quincunx her Pluto at 26 Leo in the 6th house. Her solar energy in earth is wounded by being so close to Chiron. Liz Greene sees Chiron as essential in deepening our understanding of solar consciousness; for in order to choose to live life to the full, we have to face that part in us that would rather seek death.

    I coached Leandra with this and urged her to do a special colour and crystal meditation where she would begin with pushing her consciousness deep down into Mother Earth and bring back red rubies and red jasper and swirl them around the base chakra. I encouraged her to seek the best traits of her ancestors and blow away the etheric dross of the unhealed and wounding energy of negatively behaving ancestors.

    Nothing is simple in astrological charts, as people are complex creatures. We cannot just examine two or three planets without considering the holistic ambience of the chart and the life of the person. This person, Finbar, has Vulcanus 6 degrees 25 minutes , Sun 6 degrees 27 , Saturn 8 degrees 4 minutes , Mercury 10 degrees and the Midheaven 14 degrees 50 minutes all in conjunction in Cancer, so he is very feeling, emotional, tied to tradition, his family country and perhaps even Mother Earth and all things historical.

    But his stellium Vulcanus, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Midheaven is in his 9th house of travel and higher study and Sagittarius is the sign of his North Node.

    Esoteric Astrology - The Planets - Vulcan

    Finbar asked me about his life direction. As Cancer is a cardinal sign his mind is active, quick, insatiable and enthusiastic he will always be ambitious whatever his career. But it seems for a start his need to be caring and have a romantic and life partner could well sabotage his career prospects or at least weaken them.

    He may follow his partner rather than travel where his partner wishes to go rather than follow his path, so he has to balance this need to compromise rather than be frazzled by it. Now onto the quincunx. But Neptune can be a huge sabotaging problem. Neptune will often propel people into self-sacrifice rather than following their own path and a quincunxing Neptune is the worst at this. Here the problem of obligation arises; obligation to internal, subconscious parental expectations stalemates life directions as his Saturnian father and Uranean mother are cold, authoritative and lack in enthusiastic for this bright 9th house boy Finbar.

    Vulcanus, known as Hephaestus the blacksmith- silversmith by the Greeks. Vulcanus was the son of Juno-Hera and he was not sired by Jupiter. He was a virgin birth, but his mother and Jupiter threw him out of heaven because he was not beautiful or perfect. He was looked after by the daughters of Oceanus- the sea nymphs and when he hit the earth he broke a leg so badly that it was never repaired so strongly Vulcanus people feel deformed and imperfect and they never really accept themselves as worthy people. We also have an archetype here of lack of acceptance by the parents and Finbar must get help; therapy to recover from this cruel conditioning and self-sabotage.

    We also need to consider that Vulcanus quincunxing Neptune suggests that he could use silversmithing or any craft as an interest. Secondly, is it an illusion or nagging doubt that he is imperfect or deformed. To be a solar person we shine and are radiant, but Vulcanus in a precise conjunction to the Sun, so Finbar probably does not radiate confidence. Vulcanus people are excessively hard working and they are not fond of socialising so the normal Sun in 9th house exuberance does not occur here.

    He will be humble and quiet, but he pushes himself beyond endurance. He needs to relax more and not expect so much of himself or he will burn himself out. The Sun is also conjunct Mercury and Saturn and in Cancer the thinking can be a mixture of precise, mathematical, scientific and emotional.

    The Saturnian-Neptunian father also suggests that Finbar is not good enough and he may have humiliated Finbar. This is common where the Sun is quincunxed and the lack of direction and purpose or a vacillating life purpose is typical. This aspect is related directly to the problem of finding meaningful work. This is related to childhood rejection and feeling unwanted and unneeded and hiding behind a role in life.

    So the need to find a soulful direction in life is not the immediate problem; the real problem is getting rid if the cruel parental conditionaing. So again I suggest a soul retrieval or past life healing or years of cognitive behavioural or Jungian therapy. I have a Sun quincunx and I have had all four. It is a slow path, but worth while for one becomes a whole, purposeful and awakened person rather than a cork-type person bobbing along in the ocean of life pushed, pulled and impelled by every tide, tsunami and wave. Because this is all in his ninth house Finbar is capable of profound mental study and a connection with super-consciousness so he really can do anything he sets his mind to.

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    Ninth house people learn from lessons leaned from living. I have found shamanic soul retrievals, past life therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy to forget these painful childhood experiences and I am a shamanic practitioner and I perform past life healing too and counselling. As a result their physical health and sometimes their finances suffer.

    If you realise you have semi-sextile or quincunxes get help to uncover what the problem could be. Menu Skip to content. Hilary Bond, PhD. I hope so far you are finding this method of analysing inconjuncts and quincunxes easy.

    How To Use Roman Asteroids in Your Astrology

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