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Want to know how your team will fare? Capricorn Research has 40 years experience of successfully predicting results in sports and elections. He will always make you proud to be his Mum. Regards CC. The only way to contact me is by email. Thanks for writing it. Thanks Wendy, I enjoyed writing it too. Thanks very much for the reply, for your comments on my blog — and for the kind offer.

Much appreciated. I could have a look at screening times and Inception charts for those. Endeavour — a very Saturnine name! And Oxford is a Capricorn city. Best wishes, Wendy. Re my last comment.. Too busy trying to set up my new blog! Will watch on catch up….


Thanks very much. Maybe you can help me I want to ask how my health will be I will have a very danger operation I was born 26 May I Krotoszyn Poland. Thank you for your answer Edyta. Thanks for the message Edyta. I would be happy to use astrology to help you. I will email you directly CC.

I just love it. I think if you do videos on YouTube that would definitely be a game changer. I love your method, your research, and analysis. Out of curiosity, how has this affected your life?

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When Pluto squared my sun I met a man and fell in love and in our synastry he has Pluto conjunct my sun!! He was my Pluto person. Can you write an article saying how this transit has affected you so far? Thanks so much Amira. It has caused a lot of upheaval but the results have been all positive so far.

Not counting chickens yet though. Hi, Thanks for an excellent site. So what do you think will happen now? Are we really out of EU? Or will we somehow manage to stay in? Sadly I lost everyone and everything I loved most. Thanks so much. Not sure what will happen post Brexit. I am fortunate in that my natal Moon has several easy aspects, but there has been loss associated with it.

I hope you can find some solace somewhere. I read your Brexit piece with interest, before the vote. Your own analysis seemed to indicate the eventual result quite clearly.

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When I read it, I felt that it was going to take more than the Jupiterian luck of one man to win this. And, besides, Jupiter is known for seeing things as bigger than they actually are — exaggerating. A Jupiterian influence does not know when to stop — it can go too far. Thanks Mark, a very good point. I realise now that my desire for a Remain result led me to overlook the sheer power of the indications for Brexit. Time for a rethink. It may probably require analysis of the relocation chart of these girls.

When focused on a specific project, they will firmly stick to it, no matter what happens in the world around them. Stability is the key to understand their working routine. The search for material pleasures and rewards is an actual need to build their own sense of value and achieve a satisfying luxurious, yet practical way of life. The crucial "kick-off " — the moment when it comes to deciding on essential things, awaits you at the end of March, but probably even later.

Virgo, sharpening of all your senses will be typical in March of Especially hearing will be the source of unique pleasure, but sometimes also the cause of immense suffering. The beautiful melodies you may hear on a radio or in a cafe or in a concert hall, they will lift you up to heavens.

But this euphoria may soon disappear, precisely in the moment when you will unintentionally hear the conversation of your neighbours and realize that your best friends are being slandered. The horoscope recommends to Virgo: March will be the month suppressing rest and peace, and especially women will play a key role in it mom, sister, girlfriend, senior Simply Libra wants to see things moving and will not sit with arms folded. Scorpio, it is a wonderful idea to went on a trip in March. The March horoscope marks the air element as very important and perhaps even as the crucial one.

Thus travelling by plane can surely be recommended. If nothing else than try at least to "change the air" on weekends; or get a high-quality scent of home, the so-called "freshener". However, you will do best when you will go to countryside, on mountains or to some peaceful lake.

The third month of can also be described as a period of expansion and growth.

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Scorpio will be successful at that time. Sagittarius, love is not a procedure that could be captured in an Excel sheet. Similarly, it is not quite possible to express the power of your emotions by using a pie chart. However, this is very fortunate! Even if you may like having your feelings under control, March will convince Sagittarius that freedom and certain unpredictability are the pillars of true love. Dislikes Know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized, cruelty of any kind. Charismatic marks Soft, sometimes frail to medium build.

Face easily shows emotion.

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