Cancer horoscope for december 17

Daily Horoscope: December 17, Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21) It's a very exciting day in your relationships, Cancer!.
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Leaning into your own nature, and claiming your independence could be a major theme, although working well with others and cultivating strong boundaries will also be emphasised — you my evolve entirely new ways of relating. Developing healthy boundaries and cool negotiation skills could be essential resolutions to remember on the new moon January 5th , while the 21st delivers great perspective on your role and income.

Proceeding on your chosen path—or with professional objectives—could seem far easier after this point, Crabcake. February delivers yet more emphasis on partnership, however the mood lightens after the 19th, which steers your focus more towards travel and social activities.

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Early in March, Uranus re-enters Taurus, joining Mars in this community-oriented zone. In April the stars draw you inward, so you can focus more on your goals and ambitions; you might be inclined to escape your usual environment to assess your direction, and get some perspective on your career path or public image. Note the Easter Weekend is a good window to focus on family and nesting.

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This is a very significant time for you Cancer, and you can expect to be pulled in a few directions. Stay cool, calm and in control; communicate your aims and objectives clearly — energy may be running low yet others need to respect your instructions. Your usual workflow will feel challenged from mid- April to mid- August , so give yourself some breathing space over summer.

Around May 5th—7th and from the 16th your social set and network of peers comes into focus.

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  5. Personal relationships are really in view, and you might feel full of the willpower to step out into group activities, or take a more involved role among friends and colleagues. June is an ideal time to take time out in solitude note the 3rd is one to unplug, Cancer , and have a real break. Friends or a lover can be involved but expect a little tension in your one-to-ones. July 16th spotlights your most significant relationships, and you could sense some major developments or shifts.

    You find yourself agreeing to a contract without fully thinking it through. Whatever it is, this week is all about using your brakes. Think beyond the day to day, and you may have to put duty over pleasure to effectively navigate the week. A new moon gives you the chance to turn over a new leaf at the end of the week—get ready for it.

    Good for you! Jupiter is in your leisure sector and travel may be on your mind—where do you want to go? Make vacay plans! Baby steps. Appearance is also on your mind, and it may be a great week to make a big change. Embracing change is essential for winning the week. The new moon makes you feel extra-creative at the end of the week.

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    Put your work out there! With charming Venus in your sign, you can be a voice of reason and may be counted on to be the diplomat in family situations.

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    A reunion may also be in the cards this week, as someone from your past wants to connect with you. The ball is in your court! Also, can we talk about the fact it looks likely your sign will be showered with unexpected gifts this week? Because of this, you may get on exceptionally well. Step up and do your part and positive change will take place. The time spent will be appreciated and gratifying. What you find out will give you something to think about as the year comes to a close.

    Make love a priority. Your response will make a difference to the way others react and how they in turn treat those they encounter. Positive thought leads to constructive action. Let your intuition help you decipher the best way to deal with situations as they arise. Listen carefully to what others have to say. You will learn a valuable lesson in leadership. Romance is encouraged.

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    LEO July Aug. Give in to laughter and see the humor in the little annoyances or in those who tend to overreact or miss the point of the spirit of the season. The time spent bringing about positive change will help alleviate negativity and emotional manipulation. Walk away from indulgent situations.