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I am an intuitive tarot reader with an honest and humorous style which I hope you find insightful Daily Tarot 7 October - Let go of the Ghost Balloons! Timeless Tarot Love Reading All Signs. . Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. . Alexandra Vivite Somnia - Channel.
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If you are determined to remain a hermit, nothing much will change. Remember the song: people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. And has you looking at close connections rather than wider ones at this point. Bear in mind this could be a close friend or a business relationship.

You have a full and totally eclipsed Supermoon in your 7th on the 21st — in other words, the day after your birthday season officially starts. Is it all about the other person but not about you anymore? Are you being kept in the dark or keeping something there yourself? The flip side of this is being afraid to lose your identity if you get drawn into a relationship — so you avoid getting involved. Or you attract people who may appear to be vastly different but who always trigger the same themes in your connection — perhaps emotional unavailability.

Any of this chime with you? Eclipses cover up and then later reveal. How long will you have to wait for this? Perhaps not as long as you might think on this occasion. Venus the planet of love, beauty, creativity and attraction is about to arrive in your sign from March 1. This signals a time of new beginnings — especially in love and also how you feel about yourself. Think of it like this — what we attract is all based on how we feel about ourselves. Venus in our 1st allows us to look at our sense of self-worth and make some repairs if necessary.

Start something new. Often Venus in here brings the start of a romance, creative cycle or even a new job. Uranus was a brief houseguest in here last year when it entered this sector of your chart for the first time in your lifetime. This was just a short stay as it quickly exited after a few months and went back into your 3rd of bright ideas, business and brainpower. But from March 6, it enters your 4th and unpacks for a seven year stay. You of all signs appreciate your ruler is all about individual choice and self-expression and unshackling us from anything that binds or restricts us.

Because this is a feminine house in your chart, expect women to play a big role here — either those you live with or do business with. They will be instrumental in helping you out of any rut you are in. Finances may seem to be on a rollercoaster ride on occasion but changes are actually designed to create both stability and freedom — no matter what they may look like initially. Although this house is primarily about home, living arrangements and your roots, strangely enough Uranus in our 4th gives us energy for personal renovation.

The upshot of this is having the confidence to design a lifestyle that is a true reflection of who you are. Changes of residence are likely now so get ready for Uranus to provide some moving experiences. If you are renting, then be aware you may not plan for these. However, get ready to love your home or enjoy benefits from real estate or earning income from your home or working from it during the third week of May when Venus meets Uranus in here for the first time. If you do have to move, whether planned or not, you should end up with a home that suits you far better or which even brings in other benefits.

Launch that idea to make money from your home. Do what you can to enhance your space and reinvent your idea of what you need to support you. Beautiful and unexpected solutions could present themselves now. Reviewing your home or living arrangements could be foremost in your mind when Uranus turns retrograde from Aug 12 and will remain this way until early Watch carefully the key period for this which is the final week of August and also throughout October and November.

Who or what adds to or enhances you sense. Love will be very much forefront of your mind during July and August. Your magnetism is at its peak now and this is what will draw to you what you need. But you are the one who has to step into the flow, remember this. The start of December will see the year-long focus on your social life replaced with a new emphasis on spiritual matters and inner growth as Jupiter switches signs and arrives in your 12th of mysteries and also higher love.

You should be ending the year feeling more connected, more loved and with a stronger sense of community and belonging than which you started it. Where do you go from here? Into the mysteries of what makes you truly you and your connection to the universe. The exact direction has yet to be revealed and remains hidden for the time being due to an eclipse in your 12th on the 26th. But when the Sun meets Jupiter in here the following day you may have a strong inner knowing of where you are heading — deeper into a more satisfying life lived exactly your way.

In fact, make three of them. You should see at least one major goal manifest during and who you know or meet, has a major role to play! Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Uranus the planet of unpredictability. Aquarius are the visionaries of the Zodiac. Your soul lesson is to get in touch with your emotions and shine your light of love onto yourself. Big dreams. Big loves. Larger than life experiences. Sounds like Jupiter has arrived in his ruling house in your chart, Aquarius.

Big it up now! Each sign has planets which help or hinder when it comes to attracting money into your lives. Discover the power of your money planets. Michele has some tips on love with any sign for Aquarius. Your North Node points the way to your Soul Mate. Want the inside track when it comes to knowing what turns your lover on? Get in the way, and he may mow you down with that scythe. Sometimes it is better to walk away.

Sometimes it is wiser to call it quits and call time on something that no longer serves you well. Temperance was regarded as an angel- a force for virtue at the time the Tarot was first in use. Temperance is about moderation, and self- control, and the avoidance of extremes. But Temperance has other meanings…alchemy, the fusing together of two elements, materials or qualities to make a new thing stronger than either individual element; Intellect and feeling, ability and ambition, one person and another, one people and another.

This is a force for diplomacy, reconciliation of differences and also for physical healing after illness. Powerful opposites meet in the Goat. The Devil comes in many guises; often powerfully attractive. Or think of animal magnetism. The Devil warns us to beware compulsion reminding us that we can get trapped by our own behaviour as much as by circumstance but we can choose to liberate ourselves by exercising the willpower sufficient to change the behaviour or the circumstance, bringing order out of chaos. Dominant element: Air. Special note: Aquarius is sometimes mistakenly identified as a water sign because its symbol is the water carrier.

The Star of hope has much in common with the imagery of the Aquarian Water Carrier. It shines its brightest, far-off light when everything else looks dark. The figure in the card has one foot in the water, symbolising her powers of intuition, and the other foot still on land, denotes her stability. Her knee is a bridge between elements.

Aquarius loves people as a general concept, but she is not one to blend in with the crowd, indicated by the biggest star above her head, which is bigger and set apart from the others. Like Pisces, The Moon card is associated with the subconscious, and suggests that things are not always as they first appear. These people are deep. Depending on the imagery of the deck, we might see the angel of Judgement.

We might see the angel of Temperance. In some decks the Christian figure of The Devil will be represented instead by the wild god, Pan. I do not see my card and rune activities as spiritual in nature or intention. I think that I am communing with an ancient part of myself, and that this part of myself is also communing with the ancientness of the other person, when I am reading for another. Not spiritual. What does it matter? It is simply a question of language. Well, the thing is, language may attract or repel. I could be asked about anything at all. I do mean anything.

I am often asked about relationships, of course, romantic relationships, family relationships, work relationships. When will I move job? When will I move house? Who will I meet and when and will it work out? Sometimes I am asked truly oracular questions. How is he? I described where he was now, a small boy again, lost in that moment, happily splashing in a puddle. What if indeed. Maybe this was a reincarnation. Maybe it was something else I picked up along the way while investigating the stated question. Not the everyday me. It came via The Sun card.

Meanings: the sun, birth, childhood, happiness, innocence, animals, healing. I cannot prepare for a reading.

Katie Price or Jordan? The Gemini Dilemma

I can only prepare to try and respond. Readings work on flow. Uriel is also a culture vulture, depicted as the angel of poetry and patron of the arts, often shown carrying a book or a papyrus scroll representing wisdom. Michael figured as the greatest and most revered of angels in many scriptures and spiritual traditions. In Muslim lore, he is the angel of nature who provides both food and knowledge to man. Michael is the protector of police officers, patron of police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world. Archangel Raphael is the angel of truth, wholeness, healing, body, mind and spirit.

Raphael is the rain-man, responsible for precipitation, medicine, also science, mathematics- and music. Many hospitals are named after Raphael in Latin speaking countries today. Pray for help then watch out for clues, ideas and inspiration. He is reputedly the most approachable of the archangels, and is the angel to apply to for protection during travel. This is, by this time, the preferred option of many, though by no means all Leave voters, whether these are Labour voters or Tory voters. I read the cards left-right. This is a storyboard. How and why is this the case?

I could do it the other way around and that would work just as well. But this is how I have programmed myself to read them, and with much repetition, like learning to play an instrument, this is how it actually starts to work. Perhaps one builds new synapses or something. This looks like a trade- only deal, so far as I can see, possibly because the Backstop issue is resolved adequately for Parliament just and Mrs Merkel feels she has obtained for EU members some adequate measure of economic surety.

It is astrologically, the card of Boris Johnson, a Gemini subject three times over. And he is not afraid of the EU, unlike Mrs May, but he is intellectually and politically agile, and not averse to sleight of hand. He needs to be cunning.

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Some might all it strategic. Then we have the 2 Spade s. To get the thing over the line. On what basis does this hocus-pocus work? Will there be a General Election before the UK leaves? The cards detect and reflect events in progress, and there is so much happening, I need to look again at this and the timings. I have posted a number of readings on this subject here if you visit the archives. Jessica Adams is an astrologer, and she suggests a series of stages running all the way through to December I feel no reason to disagree.

The Devil card turned up in this context Capricorn but I will look again at the timings. Here the cards are acting simply as a mirror; reflecting events in progress as they occur. Il Matrimonio fetched out his Hornby Dublo and laid out a simple track in the sitting room. Placed a couple of stations. Fetched out his three engines; Titch, Diane and The Duchess of Atholl and one by one gave them a whizz round the track.

Il Matrimonio got into trouble if he ran two of the engines at the same time, but never asked his Dad why this was a problem and never found out why. His father was a Royal engineer, a road and bridge builder, and was 19 when he sailed to N Africa in for the desert war against Rommel. So presumably he had his reasons for not wanting the two engines running at once. I said to Il Matrimonio, run two then, and see what happens.

So he did and they stopped. Insufficient power. So now he knows. The engines whizzed round and round. The little purple thing is her bird toy, stuffed with cat nip. Tell me the story as you see it. King of Spades. This is Il Matrimonio, a Libra subject. Jack of Diamonds : Translation. No arguing with that. The set is not new but she has never seen it before.

This card also refers specifically to the engines as objects. The Queen of Diamonds. Wow again. The Bowes Museum's Blog. The New Chinese Year starts today represented by the year off the Pig. It came last, because it stopped for food and a nap, but as a reward for finishing the race, had the 12th year of the zodiac named after him.

So the legend says. It is said that its characteristics are conscientiousness, generosity, calm, compassion but it can also be gullible and quiet. Pigs by T. Horsley , oil on canvas, In biblical or Islamic texts the pig is perceived as an unclean creature. In Christianity is associated with violence, cruelty, lust and gluttony. View original post more words. The weather so far this year is pretty much a repeat of last year…. More people feeding the ducks though, more than last year.

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Proprietary duck food please, though, not lots of bread. It can make them ill. Well we are now into the New Year and all is well…. A nice sunset to lull the ducks into a restful state before the fireworks at midnight. One of the consequences is that our population of 36 has suddenly increased to 44 so maybe some. Also I am assuming that most of the ducks are pregnant judging by the amorous activities on the pond. This is important as we have a poor limpy drake. And whether I get it right or wrong, I will learn something, by having the opportunity to look back, and see where and how I got it wrong in interpretation.

There is no other school. The most basic way of reading a yes or no from playing cards is to decide on your system and stick to it. Then I count. Then I may look at the individual cards for further ideas. I laid out three rows of 5 cards. Readers typically use 1, 3, 5 or 7 cards. This is simply a matter of personal preference.

Row 2 : Will there be another General Election called soon? Still possible but highly unlikely. Still possible but highly Unlikely. That 7 of Spades in the final position is a real sinkhole of a card. Far from certain. A hard Brexit therefore, while looking far from certain, is at this date looking more likely than the other two scenarios. This is such a major and volatile situation, I drew another spread the following week, on Saturday 8 December, to see if, a week later, the cards were still telling the same story in respect of what Parliament was going to do on Monday 10 December in passing the proposed Deal or Not.

Forecasting, by whatever means is sensing probabilities. Reps amendment re backstop? Or as it may yet emerge, shelving. Old Moore has done an extensive report into Brexit as one would expect, but basically suggests that the UK is coming out as per Article 50, probably without EU deal, and says it sees no sign of a second referendum. Time will tell of course, as with all forecasting, whether by polls, pundits, politicians or indeed, economists and top banking people. No need for sceptics of all findings of a supposedly non- rational provenance to point this out. Old Moore suggests Britain will keep calm and carry on…while suggesting possible major changes at No 10 later in , maybe in June.

I had a weird dream about Theresa May last night. Timing comes up a lot in Tarot readings. The client was also wondering about the possibilities of encountering a significant other on such a trip. No surprises there then. Summer holidays. Sort of in the middle of nowhere. How do you know? Look at the card. It just made me think of Siena. You see the rider here in the amphitheatre? It just made me think of Siena and the square where they hold the Palio. Sometimes it has told me about a motorbike.

Once it flagged up a sports trip coming up for a disabled athlete selected to go to with his team to the Para- Olympics. I do now and then, but who needs trolls — or people ringing me up for betting tips? The Six of Wands is also traditionally a good omen for meeting a new romantic partner, and I could have supplied this answer based on traditional card meaning alone.

And first I had to draw that card. I had to shuffle and draw it blindly and at random in answer to the stated question. That card and no other. Would I have picked up on this in the same way via, say, an email reading? This was a nuance plucked organically from the ether, the invisible electric space between me and the client.

Once upon a time I would probably not have even said it, judging it too silly, not wishing to risk it. Now I am older, less interested in what anyone else makes of it. Caveat emptor. It is as it is. For me now, to just do this reading thing is all. Sometimes it comes easy, other times less so. UPDATE: 3 weeks after this reading I received a message from the client, generously wishing me to see an email just received from a contact in Italy, inviting the client to travel out to Siena for an olive harvesting event….

This blog is about divination, not politics or social commentary, and many practitioners of divination, besides conducting personal readings, are bound to look through their lens at affairs of public life. Everyone does forecasting or predicting. Humanity is hard-wired that way for survival. If you feel you know which way this is all going, you are speculating which is to say, predicting. Knowing what is your prescience and what may instead be wishful thinking, may be harder to judge.

The same for readers too, who must beware a their own fallibility and b their personal biases in interpretation. For the most honest answer possible, the reader needs to stay like stone while shuffling and drawing their cards. What are the bookies saying? Some think the UK will remain in the EU after But then again, the bookies did not predict the Leave result in the Referendum.

We do it to turn a profit or at least not lose too much and in that respect, this vote worked out very well for us. Here are the playing cards I drew around this question 12 August It is looking highly likely that it will not. This last red card on the line could still turn it into a last minute deal. Financial stability. A cheque book. This is financial conservatism…either UK pays out for the sake of diplomacy in the event of a non-deal so as to minimise the rocking of the boat or else decides to hang on to more of its own money. At first glance this is looking highly likely; 1 black suit card no and 4 red suit cards yes.

Page Swords, spies, secret communications, legal advice, bad news, dark thoughts, skulduggery, espionage No! The PM is very clever, some fear deceitful, but she is rather shy. Bluffs are being called on both sides. The UK perhaps is doing less calling of bluffs and a deal takes two. Read this way a deal could still happen, and if it does it will be almost last minute, viewing the cards as a kind of graph line where the black cards are succeeded by a row of red cards…look at it as a rising graph line. There is something here that does not line up clearly. There may be a delay or a last minute offer by either side.

Fresh start, important document, life force, fire, new lease of life. It will not be business as before, whichever way it goes. There is a strong suggestion that this is not a finality. I feel the cards were also foreshadowing the recent events of Salzburg. This is a card of betrayal and assassination.

Character assassination, political assassination, M Macron may prove to have overplayed his hand. For the UK the Ace of Diamonds of a No Deal outcome is being shown to me as a far higher, therefore more desirable card of prosperity than the Four of Diamonds of the Deal outcome scenario. There is plenty wrong in the UK, and plenty that needs to be done better.

On Monday evening I pulled my cards ready for this match, and have left them out on my worktop in the study. I am looking at them now. Tough one. Croatia look solid. All those sporting Clubs cards. England better be careful , or rather, better be bold, they have the better cards, but by heck, not by much, and must stay FAST. Clean, lean and very mean. Diamonds is electricity. Lightning strikes. Why did I draw the Queen of Diamonds? I wondered about number correlations. Jacks are elevens, Kings are thirteens. Queens correlate to the number All I could think looking at the cards, was that a player wearing shirt 12 might be especially significant for England during this match.

But I hear a roar. England have scored, and Il Matrimonio has just shouted through that the striker was Kieran Trippier…and within the first few minutes…. Skip to content Update on a reading initially posted on this site May But the Joker does not rule out surprises. Be that as it may, what cards do we get? Does this look like a No Deal Brexit? Ultimately, yes.

It looks that way. Yes for both, 5 Clubs and Queen of Diamonds. So, back to Brexit and what it will look like, what did we get? The 7 Swords is negotiation and intense effort. When will Brexit be declared as having occurred? The pendulum is swinging between Scorpio-early Sagittarius Corresponding dates 22 October December But the arc stops well short of the later end of this date range.

In summary, What can I deduce from this cartomancy portrait? Original Post, May Brexit, hey? Or will we leave without a second referendum and if so, what does it look like from here? ROW 1 Will there be a 2nd referendum? This could happen this summer, suggests the second column as I read it top to bottom like so: 6 Clubs within 6 weeks from the date of this reading, or, this is a summer card. Execution of detail follows direction which follows principle.

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What will happen will happen, he says. Life is short and… I know nothing. Like this: Like Loading But- lovely Libra. And now you see her. And the Virgo Cluster is just one cluster in the Virgo Supercluster. Public Domain So Persephone went home to her mother, but because of the pomegranate she has to return to the underworld for four months every year, and then Demeter grieves; winter returns, and the land sleeps. Of the two, Jeremy Corbyn seems to have the better chance.

Life is short and… I have done a number of readings around Brexit. How crappy is that? Someone wanted to know which re-investment option would work out best. Option A, 1 year at 1. The cards you do NOT draw can be as instructive and illuminating as the ones you do draw. How would uncertainty impact on the three year plan if he chose Option B?

Libra IT'S OK! YOU'VE STILL GOT THIS! September to October 2019

Therefore I suggested he go with Option A. What if I had seen it very differently? It is better to stay true to your natural way of doing things. Public Domain: The constellation of Leo with its distinctive Sickle, representing the head and neck of the Lion, and with Jupiter below. Click the link above for more astronomy. Lions came out of the desert this time of year, driven by drought, to drink from the Nile, a sign that the great Nil e flood was shortly on its way, mapped in the sky, led in by the constellation, the star lion Leo.

Golden Mane. Greying, Prideful. Casts Away. Alight on chance. To Lionise again. Sometimes there is strength, unselfishness, moral courage even, in deciding to do that, so as not to become part of the problem. In terms of Tarot divination, if this card comes up in answer to a question, the answer is very likely a yes. But what does Cancer look like in the night sky, and what is its seasonal significance? Public Domain: The Fortune Teller, Albert Anker, Sometimes the cards enable forecasting or sudden leaps of insight, not easy to account for through the language of the cards themselves.

The cards: The first card, the 8 Spades, denotes a stalemate, imprisonment or benighted state of affairs and this is the start point of the answer. Cards drawn the evening of 22 July.

Free Pisces Yearly Horoscopes and Astrology Predictions for 12222

Rory Stewart typing this section at The Ace Cups Rx. Maybe tomorrow. Public Domain: Gemini- Helvelius The Ancient History The concept of twins in mythology goes back at least as far as the so-called Age of Gemini, during the Palaeolithic, 6, BCE, arising from our understanding of the duality fundamental to the nature of reality. I have to look and think. He might as well have snapped his fingers. Next time he came in, I said I thought Liverpool to win. Both lines of 5 ended with a black suit card meaning a no Samey, samey, this did not look like a dramatic match.

Wishes granted. Happy times. Therefore I decided I thought it was Liverpool to win. I called for Il Matrimonio. Until next time. Would BJ be found guilty on a charge of public misconduct? Votes in alphabetical order. Read on for a reminder of the original post, Awww shaddap. What about Brexit and Boris? Archetypes The word derives from Ancient Greek and means a very typical example of something, like a model from which other copies are made; a prototype.

A recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology. The Warrior. The Farmer. The Jester. The Mother. Leo Jul Aug 22 Dominant element: Fire. Astrological archetype: The Lion. The King. The Craftsman. Libra Sep Oct 22 Dominant element: Air. Astrological archetype: The Scales.

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The Judge. Scorpio Oct Nov 21 Dominant element: Water. Astrological archetype: The Scorpion. The Actor. Sagittarius Nov Dec 21 Dominant element: Fire. Astrological archetype: The Archer. The Explorer. Capricorn Dec Jan 19 Dominant element: Earth. Astrological archetype: The Goat. The Builder. Wildness, entrapment, liberation Powerful opposites meet in the Goat.

Aquarius Jan Feb 18 Dominant element: Air. Special note: Aquarius is sometimes mistakenly identified as a water sign because its symbol is the water carrier Astrological archetype: The Water Carrier. The Teacher. Pisces Feb Mar 20 Dominant element: Water. Astrological archetype: The Fishes. Watch for the archetypes manifesting in real time all around you.

Judgement from The Gilded Tarot, permission of Ciro Marchetti I do not see my card and rune activities as spiritual in nature or intention. Daring is needed. Update on a reading initially posted May Look at that fatty-puss pantherette. I shuffled And drew the following four cards: King of Spades.

Translation: I am with my Daddy. Well done my little card-stock friends. Many Aries are actually Vedic Pisces! Be sure to calculate your sun, moon and rising sign properly so when reading your forecast for rising sign and yearly moon sign horoscopes, Pisces, you'll get the best forecasts. Yearly predictions including your Pisces love horoscope , Pisces money horoscope and career, business and work horoscope for the whole year!

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