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Astrology Reborn. A selection of posts from notallgeminis. A Natal Chart from Co-star. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled. Retail IQ. Trial Retail IQ. Subscribe to receive updates. With this new moon, I dust off my shelves, sort through my drawers, and shine up my mirrors. With symbols of protection hung on my doors and altars to love and healing laid out for my gods, I know that the number one law of abundance is making space for it, so with this new moon, I do.

My words are the magic with which I cast my spells. I know their power and wield them wisely. I respect their potency and spend their currency with consideration. With this new moon, I consciously cultivate the sentiments that encourage abundance to flow. I communicate in ways that open up avenues for healing. I speak often and with great appreciation about the opportunities that have yet to come but are well on their way. I relay messages that encourage and support mutual growth.

With this new moon, I begin the writing projects I want to see in the world or infuse old ones with new energy. I know that it takes courage to cut ties with convention. If one of my projects needs new energy, life, or a lift, it probably means that I need to try something new. With this new moon, I risk my comfort for the truth.

I rise to the challenge of being the bearer of real news. I magnetize the materials I need to build my dreams. I cleanse my mind of toxic ideas about amassing wealth for my gain alone. I clear my heart of the misconceptions that I need to cling to, hold on to, or hoard attention and societal recognition. I make space for what is honestly abundant in my life. Cheap renditions of affluence are no match for the power of generosity. I know that I have been gifted with a bank of goodwill and I plan on spending every cent of it before I leave this earth.

I know that I have been given every tool I could ever need and I plan on putting them to the best use. In order to experience abundance, I have to know what things in life can be risked abundantly. My pride, my ego, and any feelings of superiority I may harbor can all be risked, disrupted, and interrupted for a greater wealth to illuminate my life. I willingly dismantle any false beliefs that tell me I need to be greedy in order to be wealthy. I am the leader of my own life. I know that any dream I have relies on me knowing this.

I know that any opportunity given to me is made more abundant when I claim this. I know that any path I want to take needs me to lead the way to clear it. I am the ruler of my reactions. I know that any script I flip, any abundance I share, and any fear I choose to outgrow makes all the difference. Luck comes to those who make the effort to make something out of it.

Interview with Chani Nicholas, "The Why" 02/01/18

I am the giver of all that I wish to receive. Whatever I feel is missing from my life, I seek ways to bring it. Whatever bitterness has crept into my heart, I banish it with my ability to give myself what I need. Whatever is out of alignment in my life gets adjusted with an attitude check.

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With this new moon, I remember that shift happens. More easily when I clear space for it. More joyfully when I give into it. More prosperously when I embrace the changes I encounter and willingly open up to the new energy that they bring. I break for joy. I pause for all things that help me live my best life. For all that I give, offer, and make myself available to, I am allowed to receive, accept, and let myself be.

With this new moon, I take some of my best advice.

But first, what exactly is a birth chart, and how do you ‘read’ one?

I remember all of the love I have put on others and I put the same on myself. I recall the energy I have spent on building my outer life and reinvest it in doing some inner maintenance. I know how important it is to reconnect with myself through the potent activity of not giving AF while not doing AFing thing. With this new moon, I remember my inherent value.

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Separate from my production schedule. Separate from my bank account. Separate from what I can do for others. With this new moon, I focus on valuing my free-time, my natural state of being, and all my rituals for restoration and renewal. There is an abundance of good fortune that I tap into each time I connect with friends and loved ones. With those that want to expand through pleasure as much as they do through serious self-inquiry. With those that know living a life of purpose and meaning need not be boring or dreary.

If I am truly living, I am shining, my soul is set free, and joy is my north star. I was meant to love my life, be turned on by all things that I create, and be fully present in the pursuit of my dreams.

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I was not put on this earth to live a half-life. I was not placed here to deny my needs, dreams, or desires. I need not reject any celebration of the good life. Surrounded by those that know the power of living generously, my fortune is increased. Surrounded by those that inspire me to serve this world in my own unique way, my self-worth is increased.

Surrounded by those who understand the value of quality time spent with like-minds, the size of my heart and hopes is increased. I show up. For my roles in the world. For my goals in life. For my career and all it encompasses. I show up with my entire self. My energy, my learning curves, and my expertise. I show up ready to work with great discipline and even greater joy. I know how important it is to work with integrity. With this new moon, I plant the professional seeds I most wish to enjoy the fruit of.

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With this new moon, I remember to shine brilliantly as the leader of my own life. To prepare a space for them to land. Take root. Grow tall and wide. I am an excited host for the arrival of all blessings. I know that nothing squashes good fortune like an expectation of what it should look, be, or act like. I remind myself that cosmic gifts come it all kinds of bizarre forms. The more I trust what shows up, the more I am able to work with it for as long as it is with me. I let myself go. I air myself out. With the wind on my skin and road rapidly running under me, I let myself be.

There are times for excavation and times for expansion. I have been doing the former and am now ready for the latter. In honor of all the times I had to shrink myself down, wait to exhale or fold my grand ideas into bite-sized morsels for the palates of those unaccustomed to the truth, I take this time to let my creativity run wild.

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  4. I let my energy run unruly. I let my curiosity lead me no matter what. I let myself know nothing. I release myself from my identities, roles, and regular ways of being. I practice emptying out my preconceived notions every morning so that I might be prepared for my next big idea, a moment of pleasure, and a tiny but seismic shift. I allow myself to travel to the unfamiliar stretches my mind and spirit in the best of ways.

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    Good things come to me through those that I put myself in the company of. Those that will protect my sensitive sides, promote my creative ingenuity, and help me to display the talents I have worked so hard to hone. I hang around those that remind me who I am. I collaborate with those that refuse anything but the best of what I can bring. I join forces with folks that contribute quality to any project we embark on. With this new moon, I am offered the gift of healing through celebration. I love my wins as much as the wins of my loves.

    I know that collective gain is the most valuable asset to acquire. When I feel empty or unsure of what I have to offer, I remember to focus on what I can give to others. In doing so, I give myself the great gift of channeling generosity and reaping the cleansing rewards of it. There is nothing that I can truly receive without being willing to also give it. Every moment of intimacy I experience burns away a layer of what prevents me from feeling lovable. Any lies about my worthiness that I have picked up, made up, or bought into can be dispelled by a sincere act of kindness.

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