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Alexandra Sanja is a tarot reader. This channel is September to October · Alexandra Add Tags. Virgo THEY'RE DESPERATE FOR YOUR REACTION!.
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Astrology is something that has fascinated Cleveland for a long time. But, born June 23, Cleveland also teeters on the edge of Gemini, with a moon in Libra, and she quickly reeled off qualities she drew from each sign: a facility with words, thanks to Gemini; a penchant for comfort and familiarity, thanks to Cancer; and an eye for aesthetics, thanks to Libra.

She first began exploring astrology as a teenager growing up in New York City, where she would make pilgrimages to the occult specialist Weiser Bookshop on Lexington Avenue.

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Since she first emerged into the fashion consciousness in —when she walked no fewer than 74 shows during a single season—Estonian model Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, a proud Virgo, has dipped into every facet of modeling, working both behind and in front of the camera on various video and editorial projects.

She recently art-directed a surreal new video for rapper and Mr. Nicolas Winding Refn, watch your back. She also admitted to a bit of a perfectionist streak, as well as a need to balance her social obligations with time to herself. That is a secret one. You need to be conscious of your behavior so you can change it.

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She tells me that I made the right choice in leaving my job and that I need to start doing more things for myself — especially writing and blogging. I need to be more confident and stop worrying so much, she says. The whole reading is very affirming. I can see why people do this regularly. Set goals and meet them.

Seize opportunities. Above all, worry less because things will turn out OK. Encouraged by my first reading, I sign up for another. With Sylvia, there is no prayer or channeling before the reading. We get straight to work. Jotting down notes, she asks me my day and year of birth.

I was born in late August, which she immediately remarks makes me a Virgo.

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This is a very, very important eclipse. She responds to my prepared question about leaving my job in much the same way that Andrea Aqua Aura did, with good news. But some of her predictions are a little harder for me to believe.

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She says the fortunes coming my way might take the shape of a new job or book deal. I wish! You have great romantic opportunities in the coming week.

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This is huge news to me. I had no idea. Marriage proposal news aside, I come away with what seems like good advice. Focus on your health and well-being. Worry less. Focus on my writing. Change your behaviors now, because it will set an important precedent. While I await my final minute session — one that ends up being just as fun as the other ones, but impossible to really verify, even years later — I check out the vendors one last time. I gravitate towards one stall that is selling small stones, bundles of sage and a small pack of tarot cards that really catches my eye.

He flips through the cards, showing me their take on the tarot. They have taken some liberties with the original concept.

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