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6 days ago Taurus Horoscope for October Your Horoscope by Susan Miller My motto is the man (or woman) who writes the check is king, and so.
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In the first half of the week, the stand-out obstacle to peace, love and happiness is a clash between the Sun ego and Saturn tedious taskmaster, strict headmaster and crone. So while you may wish to live your life, Saturn may have other ideas, which will be presented to you in the form of challenges, rules and limitations. The Full Moon in Aries is actually a wonderful antidote to this negative energy which peaks on Monday , as Aries is the child of the zodiac and perhaps the sign least willing to listen to what Saturn has to say.

Astrology Forecast for the Month of Taurus 12222

If you feel bossed about by someone, check to see if there is a lesson you need to learn. The great news is that if love or money matters are weighing on your mind, there could be a total turnaround this week. Plus, the Full Moon is harmoniously aspecting the planet of good news and good times, Jupiter. There is a good chance of making quick recovery for those suffering from an ailment.

An invitation to a party or function will give you an opportunity of meeting someone special. Upkeep and maintenance of house may be topmost on your mind. A master stroke on the professional or academic front is likely to enhance your reputation. Eating right and remaining active will keep you on the go. Your quest for perfection is likely to bring in some positive changes in you.

An advice of a senior is likely to help you in your present predicament. A luxury item may appear tempting, but you may opt to conserve money, rather than buy it. You may take possession of a new property. You may feel mighty pleased with yourself for something achieved on the academic front. You will need to learn how to market yourself to be successful. Spouse will be elated, as you manage to lighten the domestic atmosphere. Those trying to start a new venture will find the going smooth.

Mental tensions troubling you in the past are set to disappear, as you enter a healthy phase of life. You are likely to reap rich rewards by your hard work and dedication on the academic front. A piece of good news awaits you on the professional front. Money will not pose any problems as it will be readily available.

You will have ample reason to celebrate today on the home front. You are likely to enjoy a drive with someone close.

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Efforts on the fitness front will be adequate in getting back in shape. Enjoying driving around with your near and dear ones cannot be ruled out. You are likely to get an offer on the property front that you just cannot refuse. Improvement in academic performance through your own efforts is foreseen. Lending a helping hand to a colleague at work will be highly appreciated. Hectic schedule may make you neglect health, so guard against it.

There is a fair chance of getting possession of a flat or plot. Good academic performance will open many doors for you.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Health should be excellent through this period. After the 13th would be a good time to begin new projects that either enhance your work environment or improve your health. After the 24th, you may become involved with spiritual or occult matters within your career, or you could decide your present calling is not adequate. The 27th brings illumination to some personal issue. Your inner cruise director is working overtime to choose between romance, creativity or pleasurable pursuits. The new moon on the 13th would be good for starting new creative projects that use your artistic ability.

Communications increase with employers and employees. New health regimens will be considered. A good time to start a sensible diet.

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After the 24th, your interests may be stimulated to connect with higher consciousness and spiritual truths. The 27th brings awareness to some mystical or spiritual discipline or emotional issue. The home front becomes your strategic command center! You might as well have a revolving door with all the comings and goings.

Numerous visitors, nostalgic conversations, lively debates, renovations and expansion are all part of the scenario. From relationships to money, find out what to expect over the next 12 months with your annual horoscope.

♉ Taurus October 2019 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Precise, well thought out communications gives way to the tendency to overindulge in food and drink. Family disputes begin to be settled.

Taurus horoscope 12222: Your yearly horoscope

Mental activities will appeal to you. The universe is asking you to use your inborn need to creatively express yourself and be appreciated by others in your everyday environment. The pace of your daily routine has surely gone into warp speed! Your plans for the future are becoming larger and more expansive. After the 15th, thoughts turn toward the home front, family, and considering the strength of your personal security and foundation. Some may take on a higher spiritual quality. The 27th brings awareness to issues concerning career or projecting the public image you desire.

Be sure and set aside some money for sudden unexpected expenses. Personal Venusian pursuits give way to the ability to attract material possessions, money and people. Financial opportunities may arise.