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A person born on the 23rd of January has a unique set of skills. It is very easy for Love and Compatibility for January 23 Zodiac. As a January.
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Appreciate it. Cancer, let go of the past and let your love flow open and free. Let go of control when you feel the hesitancy kick in. Running away from things that scare you is often coupled with running from the things that can make you happy too. Leo, trust that the universe has your back. Trust has a trickle down effect that not only can open your life up in new ways, but it also strengthens your heart. Virgo, what's in the past has come and gone, so take your time now because this too will soon be in another time zone.

Love like you'll never regret, and when negativity comes, give things a pause. Eventually those emotions will be in your past along with what you don't want anymore. Libra, mistakes and opportunities come hand in hand.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

You take one lesson and then add to it another meaningful experience. These learning opportunities create a beautiful heart and soul full of wisdom and something of value to share. Scorpio, your responsibility is to yourself, to your heart and to your soul. Nurture those things and remember that you are in the best place now, better is coming and best gets nearer each moment.

Sagittarius, what are you growing to? Are you becoming more aware?

Sometimes life comes so quickly the moments pass and we miss them. Have a growth mindset and remember that you are a thriving heart. Capricorn, good love comes from great willingness. Love is a muscle that is practiced. Sometimes you build strength and other times it's all about recovery.

Planetary Row

Honor the love stage you're in and nourish yourself accordingly. Aquarius, let go.

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Forgiveness often is this cyclical emotion. You think you've let something go and then later realize there was another part of the emotion that needs to resolve just yet.

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  • These moments are meant for you to experience the full breadth of love and the experience it brings to a ready spirit. Pisces, all things come to an end, even good times. They can easily move around any spheres and win friends there. But they sometimes forget to keep their promises. Their body usually strongly built, with swarthy complexion. Sanguine of temperament. Their life tasks will be honorable but will not bring much in the way of gains.

    January 23 Zodiac

    What career is best for them. They can achieve the greatest success as an artist, musician, scholar, intellectual worker, private secretary or in a literary position of any sort. They can also be a good trader or politician. They have wide views which often go misunderstood by their surroundings.

    They will also make it in all associations, societies, public groups and generally in bigger enterprises. They can sometimes give too much significant to external forms, expressing ageism and perverseness. What should they be wary of. Of being too fearful and having tendencies for getting sad. For depression often comes up for them after periods of idealistic heights. What threatens them.

    They can be affected by some special disappointments in life, caused by too small practicality or death of loved ones. Their strength of will might prove inadequate to control all of what life throws at them. If your birthday is on January 23 your zodiac sign is Aquarius.