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Here is your horoscope for December 21, India Today Web Desk: New Delhi; December 21, ; UPDATED: December 21, IST. Sagittarius . ARIES. You have a great TAURUS Maharashtra assembly elections
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It looks very much as if you will be able to get the better of a rival, by the way. You may be a little tired and tense, but that is no surprise. Your energy should already be reviving, and within about five or six days you should feel a whole lot better. Everything should now have come to the boil, both at home and at work.

With any luck you will now be able to see your way forward much more clearly — and you will soon be in a position to deal wonderfully with all those little irritating, niggling developments. After all, liabilities have a pleasant way of turning out to be assets. If a loved one seems to have no time for you, be patient and wait for them to get over the current, tricky phase; if they need anything, they need your understanding. Hidden tensions rise to the surface and may pop up in the most unlikely settings.

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Although there are many awkward factors to deal with, something in the sky is indicating that the answer lies within, rather than without. In other words, a change of attitude or opinion may do the trick. But, in the long run, you also have to put your plans into effect — nobody else will. I know you have misgivings about the long-term future, but you should be able to appreciate certain short-term benefits.

The Moon will enter a new position very soon, endowing you with greater emotional strength, indicating a renewed determination to succeed.

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As life is starting to go right in one area, you may be let down in another. This is a result of the mysterious magic wrought by that magnificent trio of cosmic giants, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. This is a strong day at work until the Moon Alert begins. After that, reduce your expectations and go along to get along. Avoid important decisions and restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment. Nevertheless, it's a friendly, upbeat day!

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You're in touch with your muse today, which is why you are so creative! Write down your ideas to remember them.

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  8. Once the Moon Alert begins, your creativity will thrive; however, wait until tomorrow to agree to anything important. Enjoy dates, social outings and playful times with kids today. With Venus and Mercury in your sign, you're keen to socialize; nevertheless, both the Sun and the Moon are hiding in your chart, which means that you also feel the need to be private.

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    You might want to cocoon at home. Be aware of the restrictions of the Moon Alert. Get as much done as possible before the Moon Alert starts today because it will affect your thinking, your travel plans and your everyday dealings with others. Once it begins, postpone important decisions and purchases until tomorrow. But you can do intellectual homework.

    This is a money day for you; however, once the Moon Alert begins today, you should restrict spending to food, gas and entertainment. Furthermore, you should not entertain financial decisions or enter into financial arrangements. Be aware of this. Today the Moon is in your sign; however, there will be a Moon Alert today.

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    You will feel more emotional than usual about many things today. Enjoy schmoozing with others but agree to nothing important after the Moon Alert begins. Today the Moon is in a hidden part of your chart, which is also where the Moon Alert will occur. Possibly, you will feel out of touch with things. Don't worry.

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    5. This is temporary and certainly gone by tomorrow. Many of you are keen to make travel plans.

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      Make sure you do this before the Moon Alert begins today. Actor Matt Damon shares your birthday today. You are creative, imaginative and competitive. You are also levelheaded, practical and fair. This is a fun-loving year! You know what you're doing. Enjoy increased popularity and warm friendships.

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