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CN: It takes me two days to write the horoscopes. Two ten-hour days of writing. The full moon and the new-moon pieces will usually take me another full day. So it's two to three days of writing a week just for the site. Practicing astrology also keeps me going to therapy because I need to keep digging. I need to keep excavating. My wife is also a very deep soul, and so we're always pondering how healing occurs and the wounds that we carry, how our wounds interact with other people's wounds and how we create more trauma from that. Healing and creating go hand in hand.

EG: Can you give me an example of a healing process that you've noticed personally in your life? CN: I was a particularly tortured, emotionally dense, and melancholy child. I lived in and through a tremendous amount of trauma. I always thought, I have to get out of here. There's another way. Meeting my step-grandmother at eleven years old, the woman who got me my first astrology reading, was a turning point.

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I knew her story, which was particularly heinous, and that she had come through it. She was a Reiki master, and she was now helping people to find their own way to heal. The moment I met her, there was a voice that rose up and said, This woman knows how to get you out. Do whatever it is she tells you. EG: How did you make the shift from having a day job to doing astrology full time? CN: I taught yoga for eight years, which was difficult for me in a lot of ways because I abhor the yoga industrial complex.

I felt uncomfortable teaching from a religious context that's not my own. I felt like I was contributing to the problem of cultural appropriation. I've always done astrology; I just hadn't done it full time. A couple of years ago, I used to have an online calendar when people could book their own appointments, and I was booked out a month in advance, and then two months in advance, and then six months in advance.

I had to shut it down because I just lost control of my life. So I keep changing the business model as I see fit. EG: When did your site begin to gain a following, and what was that like for you?

Chani Nicholas Astrologer

CN: I've been doing it for six years, but it gained a critical mass when I met my wife three years ago. Love has a way of doing that. When we got together, the numbers just started to kind of skyrocket up. CN: You can come to me to get a reading, and I'm down for that. But what I really want to do is to give people tools, which is why I teach courses every month.

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I want to help people develop a relationship to their own chart, because it's about healing being accessible. EG: Any advice for people who are looking to make creative or healing work their full-time gig? CN: Take care of yourself, above all else. If you're somebody who wants to create spaces where healing can happen, you will be no good to anybody in the long run if you don't make the care of yourself your number-one priority.

By that I mean intensive practices of introspection. Whether that's therapy or something else, somebody has to be holding you accountable. You have to have people who will call you on your shit to make those long-lasting psychological, spiritual, emotional shifts. EG: Therapy can be cost-prohibitive. What else do you have in mind for that sort of thing?

CN: There are so many avenues to do the healing work. There are medicine men and women and healers within most cultural contexts if you go back far enough. For years, I was just barely making a living, and so I found people that would see me for a reduced rate. One of my Reiki masters used to let you make her cookies or bring her soup.

Seek out people who are older, who have life experience and sturdiness. Just worship them. I am a perfectionist and, as painful as that can be when you are putting out weekly content online, it has served me really well. When did you know that this was what you wanted to do? And what were your early goals, your first steps? Astrology chose me. I always loved it.

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I always understood it, almost like it was my first language. I had an idea of a successful person and an astrologer was not really it. I wanted to do something that was more recognizable to the public, like activism, education or the arts. I grew up in a very alternative type of environment and because of that I never romanticized healing work.

Being an astrologer was the norm in my family, in a way. I have always dreamt about the planets, they speak to me, teach me and instruct me. Working with them is easier than not so I finally gave in and gave astrology what I had to give it. When I did that, everything started to unfold.

We all have some talent, some gift, some thing we are meant to develop. When we do, the energetic rush is unparalleled. The best thing about what I do is that I use every single ounce of myself, everyday, all day and hopefully it helps someone, somewhere. I get to put every hurt, hope and healing experience into everything that I create. My work is constantly expiring. I write 3,, words a week and once the week is gone, those words are irrelevant for the most part. I work Monday-Friday, on a good week. My wife and I both work from home. We both run my business, plus she has a national non-profit, FreeFrom , which helps survivors of domestic violence gain financial independence and stability.

Our social life has, at times, suffered greatly but we make a concerted effort to make time for each other, friends and family regularly.

I started with nothing. Less than nothing. I started with a lot of debt and no idea how to make this a business or that it would ever be a business. My only start up cost was my time and energy. Is your business sustainable now? If you want to make money doing your own thing you have to be prepared to think long-term, work overtime, and get nothing in return save for your own satisfaction for as long as it takes to make your business work.

There is no stability in it. You have to love risk. You have to thrive in adversity. You have to be willing to dig deep time and time again with no promise of success. You have to be OK with being exhausted, alone, unsure and unpaid at points. My business is sustainable now. It took a long time to get it here though. There was a lot of unpaid work for many, many years. A lot of doubt and fear. Doing what I love with those that I love: co-creating spaces in the world that facilitate more love. I market the classes that I teach on Facebook, Instagram and in my newsletter.