Pisces horoscope for 27 november 2019

Your career faces unexpected obstacles which aren't easily overcome.
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Your good work ethic impresses superiors.

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The 9th house is an expansive and beneficent house. Also Mars will be making very nice aspects to Neptune, the ruler of your Horoscope, from the 19th onwards.

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Earnings increase and happy financial opportunities come. Until the 19th Mars will be in your 8th house, so review our discussion of this last month. This is a time for cutting waste and financial redundancies. Do you have multiple bank accounts? Multiple pensions? Services that overlap each other? Consolidate them. Reduce the clutter and simplify the finances.

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You will see the benefits of this after the 19th. Your love planet Mercury spends the month in your 9th house and in good aspect to you.

So love is basically happy and harmonious. The passion and ardour are less than they should be.

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There is a lack of direction in the spouse, partner or current love. Your personal social confidence is not up to its usual standard. But this is a short-term issue and passes by the 20th. Love opportunities happen in foreign lands, at your place of worship, and at school or school functions. Foreigners, religious and highly educated people are most alluring these days — especially if the sexual chemistry is strong.

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Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs are ruled by Jupiter and it is exalted in Cancer zodiac sign. Guru represents the balance of subjects related to the religion, knowledge, philosophy, domestic life and offspring. It is related to education and the spread of knowledge. If Jupiter is high in a particular zodiac sign, it brings progress and prosperity.

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Pisces Love Horoscope 12222

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